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We will be out of the hangar and visiting family from December 14th until after Christmas. Today, the 13th is my last day in the workshop. At 3 pm I am getting in the truck to drive to New Jersey for my Fathers 88th birthday on the 16th. He is getting older, but in good spirits, my brother and his sons are taking dad to the Army-Navy game in Philly tomorrow. Father graduated from the Naval Academy 64 years ago, and the game organizers graciously found indoor seating for him. My father does not expect, nor even like, anything that hints at special treatment. Although he travels in a wheelchair, he doesn’t like using handicapped parking spaces, insisting they be left for “people who need them.”  If you are traveling by air soon and want something to feel good about this country, I will attest that the TSA personnel find my father and mother waiting in line at airports, dad with his ball cap that says either ‘CVN-65’ or ‘WWII-Korea-Vietnam’ on the back, and ask him if he wouldn’t mind bypassing the line that day.  They have been courteous and kind to my parents without exception.

I will be using some of the next two weeks to catch up on Email and phone calls. There are also a hand full of stories I want to share, notably one on the life of Gary Collins, by the end of the year. Grace has a very large batch of orders going out today, and we have been working very hard to clear off as many orders as possible. New work is traditionally very slow through winter, affording us the time to build complete engines before the season starts. In previous years we have started this work after the first, but this year I am going to hit it earlier, as we are only about 75 days away from Corvair College #28 in Texas.

If you have a chance, take a minute to look at our main page, Grace updated it by installing the ‘reference pages’ as updated links on it. I have about a half dozen more to organize by the end of the year before the update is complete. This is the first major update to the original site since we launched this one 24 months ago. We are working to have the information presentation as accessible as possible for 2014, so the focus can solely be on building and flying.

If you have a question you would like covered in the next two weeks, please email it to me, I will make the time to cover it. Both Grace and I hope each of you spend time with Family and friends and take a few hours to reflect on and consider things we can be thankful for. -ww.

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  1. William,
    Have a great time with your Dad. There is no better way to spend the holidays than to be with family. My dad graduated from West Point on June 6, 1944 and went into the lines at Bastogne on Christmas Eve of 44 in the Battle of the Bulge. Like your dad, he didn’t want special treatment and always felt that there was someone who was worse off than he was. I lost him in 2000 and miss him every day. And to think that he was 23 when he went to war and when I compare him to a lot of similarly aged young people today, it just baffles me.
    Count every day as a blessing for you, as I know you do. I have read you blog for three years now.
    Thank you for what you do for us out here in the experimental world. You do make a real difference and we are better for it. Merry Christmas to you, Grace and your families!

    A Pietenpol wantabe!

    Randy Cary / credentials can be used.

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