Flying 2,850cc Cleanex, Clarence Dunkerley


The following note came in from Florida builder Clarence Dunkerly about the first flight of his Corvair powered Sonex airframe:




Today, about 11:00 am, a smoothly running Corvair aircraft engine strongly pulled the Cleanex and this old man skyward on its first flight from the Pompano Beach Airpark. What a thrill to pilot an aircraft and engine that Don and I built. Thanks for the Corvair colleges, Conversion Manual and support from others to make this a dream come true.

Clarence Dunkerley
Plans built Sonex 1306″


Clarence has been to a number of events over the years, but getting his engine running at CC#21 sticks out as particular memory. Clarence and his brother came to the College in Barnwell SC and put in the work to get their 2,850 running. Below are some photos of the day.


Clarence Dunkerley came from Florida to the College with his brother Don, who also assisted in building his engine. They had a very good time, especially when the engine fired up and ran great

Above, Clarence Dunkerley beside his 2850 cc Corvair. His engine features all of our Gold components, our 2,850 piston/rod/cylinder kit and a Weseman 5th bearing.  Photo taken at Corvair College#21.


Hats off to Clarence Dunkerley, the newest member of the ranks of Corvair pilots, builders who made both their airframes and their engines.

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  1. Wow what an accomplishment! My congratulations to you. Best regards, Marian Miller

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