Corvair Power Row in homebuilt parking at Oshkosh 2013.


I got the letter below from Zenith 601XL builder Ken Pavlou. He has been doing a lot of work with EAA headquarters to get us a row to park just corvair powered planes in at Oshkosh this year.  This is not an easy trick, it takes being persuasive, insistent, and charming, but he has pulled it off.  Our booth at Oshkosh is directly across from Zenith. Dan and Rachel have the one right next to us. Just like last year, we are planning on having a cook out on the evening of the night airshow. It will be great to have the Corvair powered planes right behind the booth all week and use  this as a focal point of social fun all during Airventure.

Ken has already begun to organize the Zenith/Corvair pilots on our ‘Zenvair’ discussion group, and we expect a large turn out of flying planes.  But I want to be sure that we have all types of Corvair powered planes on hand. If you are even thinking of flying your Corvair powered ship to Oshkosh this year, I encourage you to contact Ken directly. He is a multi faceted guy who can offer a lot of assistance. Last year a corvair pilot who had never flown into airventure before stopped 20 miles short at Fon dulac, wisely deciding he would rather have a second set of fresh eyes in the planes. Ken was immediately dispatched in a mini van and returned an hour later with the pilot in his plane. Ken is very serious about supporting ideas he has promoted.

If you have never been to Oshkosh, or it’s been a number of years, This is a good year to plan on going. With the booths, planes and cook out, builders and flyers on hand all week, it will be an outstanding year for Corvair power. Don’t miss it. Hats off to Ken Pavlou.

“Hello Gang,As I type this Oshkosh is 119 days away. I’m happy to report that we’ve secured reserved parking behind the and SPA booths at Airventure this year. William, Dan, and I thought it would cool if we can get a flock of Corvair-powered birds behind the booths to demonstrate installation in various airframes and to generally celebrate our choice of powerplant.

Parking procedures are pretty simple at Oshkosh. After landing and clearing the runway display two signs, one that says “Homebuilt Parking” and another that says “Corvair”. Please print the signs on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper with bold capital letters as big as possible. The friendly EAA volunteers will direct you to our reserved parking spots behind the booths.

On the subject of volunteering, I highly recommend signing up for a few shifts at Oshkosh. I’ve been volunteering as a departure briefer for the last few years and have found it to be very rewarding. It certainly is an interesting perspective.

It would be awesome to have a big Corvair turnout. If you are planning on going this year please type a quick response to this thread so I can give the EAA an estimate of how many aircraft are arriving.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Ken Pavlou (
AKA – The Central Scrutinizer, Adonis, and official TBFL”


Above, Ken at Oshkosh 2007 in the campground. When I said that really getting to know your Corvair was one of the biggest rewards of building your own engine, Ken took this very literally. To his perspective you can’t “Get to Know” your Corvair if you leave it at home when you go to Oshkosh. Ken thought the ‘bonding’ process would go much better if he took his engine camping and included it in every facet of his aviation life. This year Ken has sworn that the same engine will return with him to Airventure on the front of his plane, not in a minivan. If he fails at this task he has asked his closest friends to perform a ritual for him at the cookout called “The Rochambeau.”  Lets just hope he is at home working on his paint job tonight. -ww

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