Corvair College #25 registration link now open


Below is the direct link to the College #25 registration page. While it is not required, having people sign up really helps with fine tuning the event logistics. Please take the time to register if you are planning on attending. If you are thinking about heading in, but are not quite sure you can make it, I suggest registering anyway. It is better for us to overestimate the attendance in planning.

As always, a big thank you goes out to 601XL builder Ken Pavlou for setting up the online registration again.  Ken and I are pictured below at CC#14, for which Ken was the chief organizer. Ken has done a lot for us, all the way down to setting up this blog/Web page.


Above, I introduce our local host Ken Pavlou at Corvair College #14. Online he likes to be called “The Central Scrutinizer,” a character who is an omniscient narrator in the Zappa opera “Joe’s Garage.” Outside of the Corvair movement, Ken has a long list of accomplishments: Emigrating from Greece at age 8, he has gone on to earn an electrical engineering degree, become a registered nurse and skilled pilot. Happily married and the father of two, he’s also the State Ballroom Dancing Champion of Connecticut (no kidding), and he could earn a living doing stand up comedy. Not bad for a guy who’s barely in his 40s.

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