Three Pietenpol Motor Mounts

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As we are getting ready for CC#25 and Sun n Fun, we are building up some popular inventory for people to pick up in person. We have been welding for several days straight, and we have built 7 motor mounts. The three below are on  their way with the rest to the powder coater in the morning.


Above, three Piet mounts. On the right is Terry Hand’s very original steel tube Pietenpol fuselage, built to Flying and Glider manual drawings. We made the custom mount on it to match the dimensions that are a quarter of an inch narrower than a standard wood fuselage mount. The two on the ground are for wood fuselages, one for Dave Aldrich and the other for a work shop ‘to be determined’.  All of these mounts are what I call a ‘High Thrust Line” mount. You can read the story behind them at this link:

Pietenpol Products, Motor mounts, Gear and Instalation Components. ( If the pictures are small when you get there, hit F5 at the top of your keyboard.)

If you are headed to the College or Sun n Fun and there is a particular piece that you would like to pick up, or even just see in person, drop us an email or call. We have lots of things in the hangar that we don’t always load up like full KR-2/2S cowls. We are glad to bring them if we know a builder is interested. Many of these things like mounts and full cowls are expensive to ship, and we are always ready to save the builder this expense. -ww

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