Mail Sack 1/13/13, “2013, what will be your reality?”

Builders, Here is some of the mail on the topic of what will we accomplish in 2013:

Newfoundland Merlin on Floats Builder/pilot Jeff Moores writes:

“Hi William; great to see you back “on line.” It is quite cold here now and I am anxiously waiting for our pond to freeze enough to try flying my Merlin on floats from the ice. During my Christmas break I rigged up a preheat system for my engine and tested it. Very simple; just a 1500W heat gun, some scat tubing, and a snowmobile cover tied over the cowling to keep the heat in. At -6 deg. C after 1 hour it was warm enough to try. I was very surprised when, after four shots of prime, it started instantly.

I am now working on a method to be able to easily move the plane in and out of the hangar. One cannot move it backwards in the snow because the step diggs in, so I have to be able to get it out moving forward and get it back in also moving forward and be able to turn it around in the hangar. I’ve flown skis off ice before but not Full Lotus floats, so this is all a learning process. I’m taking my time and proceeding cautiously. – Jeff”

Florida 750 builder Tom Griesemer writes:

“Glad your back. Haven’t had anything to read for almost a month. 1 flaperon done and deburring the right wing skeleton on the CH750. Most importantly was the hot tanking of the Corvair case. Full speed ahead…”

Midwest 2850 cc 750 builder Gary Burdett writes:

“I am close and I plan to spend…..wait a minute…. I’ll get back to you, Honey Boo Boo is on.”

Very funny Gary…-ww

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