Mail Sack 1/13/13, Pietenpol week and Cherry Grove stories.

Builders: Here is a sample of what came in the mail.

Builder Earl Brown writes:

“Thanks for the “Pietenpol Week”! Always great to have extra inspiration while working on mine”

Builder Harold Bickford writes:

“Hello William, The Booth Piet and the ch.1279 example are great examples of persistent effort. Excellent workmanship from plans built efforts are evident in the pictures. The owner built Corvair engines follow the Pietenpol formula via the WW approach. It is inspiring to see the results of other’s efforts. It will be fun to see how much can be accomplished this year with the Piet Edi and I are working on. Thanks for posting. – Harold”

Builder Randy Cary writes:

“Great comments William. Welcome back. I’m glad there are people left in this world who have the heart of a servant!-Randy Cary

Builder Dan Branstrom writes:

“Using Google Earth, Bernie’s old shop is at Latitude 43°35’16.99″N, Longitude 92°17’19.75″W If you go to street view on County Highway 5, and face east, you can see the shop at ground level from 2 shots. The views of his shop aren’t as good as your picture. The aerial view of the small collection of houses gives a good idea of exactly how small Cherry Grove is. It really is just an intersection with a collection of houses and a church. William, your writing has a quality of Richard Bach, in the sense of “Nothing by Chance.” It gives me a deep appreciation for flight and life. -Dan”

On the Cherry Grove story, Ch-750 Builder Dan Glaze writes:

“you wanna know what I think William? I think you and Grace are great people and thanks for the ” rest of the story” good day, Dan-o”

On the Cherry Grove story, Builder Bruce Culver writes:

“This is a beautiful and thought-provoking piece. It has always been too easy for us to be distracted, or attracted to the shiny things in life, the things that are glitter and often not real. Like crows who collect bits of metal and shiny plastic, we look for someone else to supply the means to find fulfillment and happiness. In the final analysis though, all it really takes is a flat open field and a man with a dream….. Well said.”

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