Mail Sack 1/13/13, Pre-Christmas family notes.


Here is a sample of what friends wrote in about the story of my Fathers 87th birthday and the importance of Fathers and people of courage in this world. The story also brought a number of private emails where people shared thoughts on their relationship with their Father that I found very moving. In many ways I think my Father is very typical of men of his generation, and for this reason the story about him brings people my age to think about their own dads and the role they have played in our lives. Our family had a very good day together in NJ, and I hope that most of you had a chance to spend some time with your fathers over the holidays. -ww

New England builder, CC#14 Grad, and USN Seabee Dave Simon writes:

“Always glad to hear about your father, William. I fondly recall a few hours visiting with him about the Navy and the Seabees at CC in Massachusetts. Happy Holidays! Dave”

NJ 601XL Builder/flyer Phil Maxson writes:

“I honor your father, a true American hero. Your note describes his accomplishments, but I always remember him as a delightful, humble man with a broom in his hands cleaning up the hangar in preparation for a college in your hangar in Edgewater. I am very glad to have met him.But I honor you as well. you have dedicated your life to making flying, safe, achievable and affordable for many people. You have taught me more than anyone else about how aircraft and engines work. I am in your debt. We members of the Corvair movement are in your debt.”

DC-3 owner and man of adventure Tom Graziano writes:

“William, Thanks from one of the 3%…Tom”

Builder Jackson Ordean writes:

“Right on.-JO”

 Builder Dan Branstrom writes:

“Amen, and best wishes to all, especially Grace Ellen and your families.”

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