EAA Webinar notes…..


EAA headquarters sent me a followup spread sheet with all of the data from last night’s webinar. It included about 120 questions that builders watching wrote in with. When we were doing the session, only the people at headquarters can see the questions, they didn’t come to my computer, so we relied on Charlie Becker picking out 20 questions that time allowed us to answer. Many of the questions were covered in the talk, but I wanted anyone who didn’t get an answer to send me the question directly, I will be glad to answer it for you. The EAA ia good about protecting the privacy of members, and the data we got was not tied to anyones email address, so it isn’t possible for me to answer the questions for people without them resending them directly.

One other note, several people mentioned that the program started 4 minutes late and had some audio difficulties. One or two comments suggested that we should have check the system earlier. Actually Charlie Becker is a stickler about doing just that. He gave us a long tutorial the day before, and insisted we run wire in the house and go out and buy the exact headset model he wanted. We did all these things. At 3pm, Charlie had us do a full dress rehearsal, including every element of the log in, it worked perfectly. We didn’t touch anything. We checked it 25 minutes before broadcast, and suddenly nothing worked in the audio. Grace and Charlie worked to reboot the system several times, and tried everything we could think of without avail. As we got to the last-minute, Charlie quickly hooked up a telephone connection through the EAA switchboard, and then through his office. Instead of everything going through the computer, all of the things I said in the entire interview went through the phone line, where we had little chance to control even rudimentary things like volume. Thanks to Charlie’s quick thinking, the show went on, with little noticeable issue. I asked Charlie if it had ever happened before, and he said that they had not had this issue ever. Hats off to Charlie for saving the day.-ww


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