200 Stories of aircraft building


Below are 200 stories on aircraft building that I wrote in the last 2.5 years. This is just the top 40% most popular ones from our blog. They are loosely grouped, but you can scan through the titles, and you can read the full story by clicking on any colored title.

There are some real classics like “Unicorns vs Ponies”, but most stories are directly about flying planes and running engines. You don’t have to read it in one sitting (it is about 250,000 words, half the length of “War and Peace“) But keep it handy for a reference page. -ww.



Basic Corvair information

Shop perspective: Mastery or ?

Concerned about your potential?

A visit to the insane asylum

Glider flying – a funny story

The Cherry Grove Trophy

Model T of the air?

Model T of the air, Part #2 – Leeon Davis notes

More Thoughts On Economical Aircraft

Testing and Data Collection reference page

Why Not the Panther engine?

What is a core engine worth?

Corvair College reference page

Corvair College History….in photos

College Tech

Basic Corvair College Skills, examples of learning

Zenvair’ Information board formed

Calling All “Zenvair” Flyers……601 / 650 / 750

New Numbering System, Final, please print.

College engine build options for closing the case

Getting Started in 2013, part #1, Crankshaft process options.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #2, Group numbering system

Getting Started in 2013, Part #3, The Camshaft Group (1100)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #4, Case Group (1200)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #5, ‘Allan Able’ short block.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #6, ‘Bob Baker’ short block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #7, ‘Chas. Charlie’ Short Block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #8, ‘Davie Dog’ Short Block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #9, ‘Eddie Easy’ short block.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #10, Piston and Cylinder options.

Getting started in 2013, Part #11, Comment of the day

Getting Started in 2013, Part #12, Piston Choices

Getting Started in 2013, Part #13, Basic piston/rod/cylinder combo.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #14, 2,850 cc piston/rod/cyl. Kits

Getting Started in 2013, Part #15, 2,775cc, (imaginary piston)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #16, 3,000 cc Piston/cylinder kits

Getting Started in 2013, Part #17, Short block cost chart.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #18, A look ahead

Getting Started in 2013, Part #19, Cylinder Heads

Guest Writer: Pietenpol builder/flyer Kevin Purtee

Guest Editorial, Arnold Holmes On Affordable Aircraft…



Planes flying on Corvair Power

Corvair planes and projects on You Tube

Corvair Powered Davis DA-2, w/EFI

List of Corvair Powered Zeniths

Zenith 750 / Corvair reference page, October 2013

Zenith 601/650 – Corvair reference page November 2013

Corvair power for Panther and Sonex reference page

Pietenpol review in pictures, 15 more Corvair powered Piets

16 Flying Corvair powered Zenith 601/ 650s

Corvair – Pietenpol Reference page

Gary Burdett, 2,850cc Zenith 750, now flying. (engine selection)

New 3,000 cc Cleanex, Dale Williams, SC

Panther Roll out.

Zenith 701- Corvair reference page, November 2013

New Photos of JAG-2, a Corvair powered twin.

JAG-2, Corvair Powered Twin, Jim Tomaszewski, N.Y.

Zenith 601XL-3100cc Dr. Andy Elliott

Zenith 601XL-2,850cc, Woody Harris

Zenith 650-2700cc Dave Gardea

2,700cc-Skycoupe-2002 Photos

New “Zenvair-750″, Jeff Cochran, 2,850cc engine, N750ZV

Flying Zenith 750 w/3000cc Corvair, Doug Stevenson, California

Corvair powered Dragonfly, Charlie Johnson, aka ‘One Sky Dog’

Zenith 750 Flying on Corvair Power, Gary Burdett, Illinois

KR-2S at 700 Hours – Joe Horton

New Zenith 601 XL(B), Conventional Gear, Jerry Baak, S.C.

New Pietenpol, 2700 Corvair, Don Harper SC

New Pietenpol, Gary Boothe, Cool, Calif.

Two More Flying Planes: Merlin and VP-2

Corvair Powered Merlin Flying Over Newfoundland

Floats on Snow, Corvair powered Merlin

Flying 2,850cc Cleanex, Clarence Dunkerley

New Pietenpol, EAA #1279, French Valley CA

New Pietenpol #3, Mike Groah, Tulare, California

Guest writer: Phil Maxson, flying a 3100cc Corvair in his 601XL

Another new “Zenvair” 601XLB, Jim Ballew, 2700cc

Flying Zenith 750, Tom Siminski, 2700cc, PA.

Flying 2700 cc Zenith 601 XL(B), Alan Uhr



Complete Engines for Sale

2012 Corvair Engines For Sale: 100, 110 and 120 HP

World’s Strongest 3,000cc Corvair, built by Greg Crouchley

Panther Prototype Engine 3,000 cc/120 hp to OSH

3,000 vs 3,100 cc Corvair engines

3,000cc/Billet Crank Shortblock, Destination: Waiex

High Volume Oil Pump

3,000cc Engine Running

3,000cc Case Modifications.

Billet Cranks Made In The USA

Chinese Crankshafts

Chinese Crankshafts for Corvairs, update 2/17/13.

Notes on Corvair flight engine oils.

Shipman Engine at CC#22

A Tale of Two Spark Plugs……

The Panther’s engine, worlds strongest Corvair flight engine.

Panther Engine Is Alive … ALIVE

Engine Operations reference page

The case of the Murphy Rebel, “eyeball vs. testing”

Corvair vs O-200…. weight comparison

Testing Head Studs

Balancer Installation

Gold Oil Filter Housing, Standard and Reverse

Front and Rear alternators, their part in numbering system

Thoughts on cold weather operation, minimum oil temps, etc.

Cooling with J-3 style cowls. (Pietenpols, Cubs, Biplanes, etc)

Spark Plug Installation

Starting procedures on Corvairs, 2,000 words of experience.



Stromberg Carbs

Carb applications, choices people make

Fuel Injected Corvairs

Carburetor Reference page

A question of Carb location…..

Mechanical Fuel Injection Testing

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

Fuel Injection – Corvair flight engines reference page

New die spring landing gear on a Pietenpol, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Pietenpol Products, Motor mounts, Gear and Instalation Components.

MA3-spa carb pictures, Wagabond notes.

In Search Of … The Economical Carburetor

Pietenpol Box Spar Construction, 6/27/13

Pietenpol Mount on airframe

Panther Engine propeller test

Kitfox Model IV with Corvair mount

Corvair Motor Mount for Bearhawk LSA

Inexpensive Panel……..part one.

Inexpensive panel…….part two.

“William, you ignorant troglodyte”…….(instrument options)

My favorite Tach; Stewart Warner 82636.

Ammeters Pro and Con, & Flying like there is no tomorrow.

Corvair Oil System, information on oil pressure gauges.

MGL vs Corvair ignition issue

Measuring Cylinder Head Temps on Corvairs.

Corvair Cooling

Corvair Cooling, Three 2007 examples from our hangar.

Cylinder Head Temperature measurement

Cowling Inlet Area, marketing, accident stats, Darwin where are you?

Corvair Cooling, something of a human issue…..

CHT part #5, flight data from Zenith 750

Engine Cooling Factory Sheet Metal

Pietenpol Fuel lines and Cabanes

Three Pietenpol Motor Mounts

Zenith 601/650 Motor mounts, P/N 4201(A)

Intakes and Internet myths



Welcome to The FlyCorvair.net Blog

Back from the road, notes on Communications



Unicorns vs Ponies.

Sunday, a long day at the airport.

Fixing America is going to cost each of us $1.69

Greatest Book on Flying Ever Written, (Is your life worth $16?)

A thought on Easter….

In defense of plain speaking……

Turtles and Cell Phones, 6/24/13.

2,500 words about levels of aircraft finsh……

Steel tube fuselages, “Safe” planes and 250mph accidents

Cessna’s Chinese adventure a failure.

Communist Chinese government at Oshkosh

Risk Management, Experience vs Judgement.

Risk Management, Wrong airframe, Wrong experience level.

Effective Risk Management – 2,903 words

Risk Management, Factor #1, Judgement.

“If only someone had told him……”

Expert Witnesses in civil Aviation trials.

Great tales from discussion groups…….part #1

Vern’s Aero-Cars

Fun with Agkistrodon Piscivorus and Vern’s Aero-Trike

Cloudn’t have happened to a nicer guy……

Built by William Wynne? Built according to The Manual?

Risk Management, Judgement Error, money in the wrong place.

Flathead Ford, 71 cid. Freedom to pursue happiness.


History and aviators:

B.H. Pietenpol, Patron Saint of Homebuilding

Robert Hedrix, Aviator, Nha Trang, 1975

The Quote, 1927, C.A.L.

James Stockdale – Philosophy

Sterling Hayden – Philosophy

A Father’s Day Story – Lance Sijan

Three Aviation Stories

Charles Poland Jr., An American of whom you could be proud.

Carl Sagan, Corvair Owner, Practical Philosopher, Individual.

William Edward Wynne Sr. – Father’s Day Notes



Corvair College #22, March 9-11, 2012 in Austin, Texas

Panther Prototype Engine 3,000 cc/120 hp to OSH

John Moyle, noted aviation enthusiast, passes -1/16/13

Corvair College #25, In Photos

Corvair College #23 – 2850cc Engine, Roger Grable, CH-750 Builder

House Call on Pat Green’s 1,000 Hour Pietenpol

Brodhead, Oshkosh and Beyond 2013

Wisconsin 2012 Air Adventure

Zenith 750 Builder Blaine Schwartz

Corvair College #23, 2700cc Engine, Spencer Gould, SP-500

Sun N Fun 2012

Randy Bush’s Pietenpol hits 500 hours.

Corvair College #27 run on film

Franklin Engine Runs at CC ##22 KGTU Spring Break 2012



2 Replies to “200 Stories of aircraft building”

  1. Hi William,

    great idea posting a list of the stories. I started reading after supper and before I realized 2-1/2 hours flew by!! I enjoy reading anything about Corvairs; there is always something to learn.

    I’m still flying off the ice here in Newfoundland when time and weather permits and having tons of fun!!.


  2. William
    When people show an interest in my Corvair engine I direct them to this site knowing everything they need to learn is here including the perspective. Why we need to do things a certain way is as important as how to do it. Thanks for making it so easy to access the information.

    Any chance for a future article on Corvair specific differential compression testing?


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