For Sale: Woodys Zenith 601-XL-B


This is advanced notice to the Corvair Community of the availability of this Zenith.

It was built and flown my my close friend Woody Harris. He passed away at the end of last summer. The plane has 500 hours on it. It has flown to 25 states, including 3 corners of the US, and to Oshkosh and Kitty Hawk. It is powered by a 2,850 cc Corvair, and the installation is 100% by my book. Woodys life work was in international auto racing, driving and fabricating, and the plane reflects his mechanical experience.

The plane has a fresh annual, and is currently being flown. Videos of the plane are available to potential buyers, the aircraft is located at the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville CA, near Sacramento.

His family is putting the plane on Barnstormers for $42,000 in 10 days. Before then, they are offering it to people who already have an interest in Corvair powered planes, as it will be less questions. Before going to Barnstormers, the price is Reduced to $40,000.

If you have a technical question on the plane, text me, 904-806-8143.

If you would like to arrange to see the plane, you should text Woodys daughter Amy Choi, 707-430-7092. She is an ATP who knows flying and machines, and will handle all aspects of the sale.


Personal note: Woody was a very important person in my life, and I am close with his family. Let me forewarn compulsive bargain hunters who view another family’s tragedy as an opportunity for them to make a low ball offer and try to cash in flipping the plane, I have the memory of an elephant, I’m well known in the Zenith community, and I will make sure anyone trying this becomes a pariah, just for trying it. I’m not reluctant to publish their picture and home address on the internet. Woody was a great friend, and someone who wouldn’t protect the interests of the family of a deceased friend is worthless, and never deserved the man’s trust in the first place.




Thank You


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