Pietenpol Cowls


In the picture are four complete cowls for Pietenpols. These came out of the molds I had made last year. This has been a long term project that started a number of years ago. It was originated by Dan Sheradin for his personal plane, and I liked it enough to have molds made. That took a long time due to Covid closing my composite shop for most of a year. In a few days they will appear on my products page as regular catalog items, but you can se the origins in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8XjNBbrAGI



These are only for Corvair powered Pietenpols, they will not fit other engines.

These only fit planes with my “High Thrust Line” mount. ( https://flycorvair.net/2016/05/24/4201-c-pietenpol-motor-mounts-now-on-the-shelf-ready-for-shipping/)

The cowl is designed to use the same Van’s FP-13 spinner we use on all my other installations.

These are not for everyone, if they are not to anyones tase, no problem, they can make any cowl they like. This is just about making a good part available to a limited group of builders.

I’m still hammering out the cost with my fiberglass shop. He is giving me several quotes on ordering a number of them, when this is finalized, the part will appear on my product page, with the price and shipping costs.


Thanks, William.



Tiny vehicle in the picture is a 240cc trike designed and built by my friend Vern Stevenson.


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