Corvair/Zenith-750 STOL, On display at Oshkosh 2021


I spoke with Vinnie Maggiore of upstate NY, and he is flying his 750 STOL to Oshkosh this year.


Above, Vinnie’s 750 in my hangar in Florida during a visit this spring. Plane has a bit more than 100 hours on it, and has now flown the east coast. He will expand this by flying to Airventure 2021. It goes without saying “Weather Permitting” when I make a statement like that. No ethical person in aviation encourages another airman to challenge weather on any flight.


The plane is a good example of how simply the 750 can be built. It isn’t bare bones, but I have seen a number of them where the builders spent three times as much money. Fine for them, their money, their choice, but it is good to have examples on the other end of the spectrum represented, so that potential builders with different budgets or tastes for simplicity falsely assume the project is outside of their reach.


Vinnie is a great guy, clever, skilled and good company. If you are building a Zenith or not, keep an eye out for this plane on the flight line at Oshkosh and make sure you stop in and meet your fellow Corvair builder.



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