First engine of 2021: – 2,700cc Corvair for a Piet in Canada.


This 2,700cc Corvair puts down a perfect break in run in my front yard. A super nice winter day in Florida, a very nice setting for an auspicious start. This engine is slated to be flying in a Canadian Piet my early summer this year.


This is the replacement engine for the “Jewel of Barnstormers”. I assembled it for the trusting neighbor to the north who put too much trust in the brotherhood of aviation. This engine will serve him for years, and provide countless great memories.


If you have not seen it, here is a link to the video of the original rip off engine sold on Barnstormers for $5K. After I made the video, the seller refunded the great majority of the $5K. Perhaps because he understood what he had sold, or perhaps he saw how many of you watched the video, and wasn’t looking forward to seeing a sequel with his name used in it. In the words of Prince Faisal: “ I’ll let you decide which was the more reliable motive”



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