Inventory Increase


In the last 7 months I have devoted a lot of time and funds to increasing the inventory, so almost all parts can be shipped the same day they are ordered.

Above 14 Gold Sandwich Adapters. These took a few hours to assemble. They are made from parts coming from 4 different sources. In creasing inventory has challenges beyond just ordering and building more parts; coordinating all the subcomponents of each part takes some planning.

The increase in inventory comes slowly, but I work on it nearly every day. So far, the results are paying of with strong sales, as builders are far more likely to purchase parts when they know they will see the components in just 48 hours.


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  1. William,You can only do what you can do to create continuity in peoples lives, especially in these times. We in the Corvair community, and more thank you.
    Joe G..

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