Tools every builder must have.


Below are 4 ‘tools’ that every builder must have and know how to use. If someone does not have them, they can not do an annual condition inspection, or even the initial set up on the motor. 



OK, a Doctor has a Stethoscope , X-rays, CAT scans and Blood work. the four tools above are their equivalent.  If you went to a doctor and he said he was not going to use any of the above tools, because they cost more money than he liked to spend, you would thank him, and leave, because without them, he is down to leaches and other less pleasant remedies. Likewise, if you are not in possession of the tools above, you are not in a position to keep your engine healthy. 


Oil Sample Kit: 

Read: Corvair Oil Analysis




Timing Light:

Innova #5568. Has built in tach, volt meter and digital delay. Look at Summit Racing or Jeg’s. 


       and:     “Corvair Fast Burn” Ignition timing settings



Volt meter:

They are $10 at the auto parts store. 


Differential Compression Tester:

Part # 12-00829 & 12-01283 from aircraft spruce.

Read: Yearly Condition Inspection on Corvair Engine





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  1. I looked up the timing light you recommended (or at least attempted to) at Summit and it appears that you have the wrong name for the vendor. Under that part number I found an item; the Innova Pro Timing Light which did match the unit that was shown in the first image of this posting and the list of features matched as well. This was of interest to me as I do not yet have a timing light for my engine so I went ahead and made that purchase. I already have a differential compression tester and a good Voltmeter so I am well set for keeping my engine safe as well as preparing for first flight (if I ever complete the aircraft). As much as you might think at times that nobody reads your posts and takes your sound advice to heart, I am at least one person who does and I appreciate the effort.

  2. Aircraft compression tester on the buy list, other items in the toolbox. We’ll see how much progress occurs in 2020.

  3. That Volt-ohm meter in the picture is not in Harbor Freight Aircraft supply’s online catalogue, but it is in their printed one. Often, they give it away free when you buy something from them, but right now, it’s regular price is $6.39, but it often goes on sale.

    Remember that in their mailers or ads, they have coupons for 20% off for one item. Be sure to take it with you when you buy anything from HF.

    The item # for the meter is 63604 or 63759 or 69396 or 30756 or 63758 or 98025, depending on the manufacturer they buy it from.

    It’s a cheap one, and it comes with the 9 volt battery, and it doesn’t turn off by itself, so make sure you turn it off when you’re done. The leads are pretty cheap, so take care with them. I modify one lead so it has an alligator clip on it.

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