New Video: 2020 ‘A’ and ‘B’ building plans.


Here is a link to our latest release, it addresses making a two phase building plan to keep your homebuilt project on track:



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6 Replies to “New Video: 2020 ‘A’ and ‘B’ building plans.”

  1. So true William. Even if 2020 becomes a wash as to events there is still much to work on and plan for 2021 which is of course plan C.

    Harold and Edi

  2. Managed to fly 1.5 yesterday in spite of spotty freezing drizzle and snow showers. Low ceiling kept me 300-500 ft above the snow covered country. Lots of turning and banking to avoid the weather.

    Some touch and goes far away from the ice fishers on the lake upon return. The Corvair runs flawlessly as usual pulling the Cruzer along seemingly effortlessly with a wonderful sounding low frequency drone.

    For those still building- KEEP AT IT !!

    It is all worth it when you can hop in your plane and go for a run behind this smooth running low RPM engine.


  3. do you have a place to sell parts? I have an NOS 164 cube block for sale and thousands of used parts for sale.

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