New Air-Fuel meter Video


Below is a link to a video that we just put up. It is a few minutes on Air-Fuel meters, and the gauge we use for testing, which is also recommended for airplanes flying a Corvair.



For a look at how the testing we do is integrated with other facets of the engine like the ignition timing, look at this: “Corvair Fast Burn” Ignition timing settings


This story: Air / Fuel ratios on Corvair carbs.  (2016) is a look at the range of air fuel mixtures we use, and how we previously tested this.




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  1. What a timely post for me. Previously I had tried using an O2 narrow band sensor, but could never get it to work (I had gone through 2 or 3 of the cheap knock-offs).

    So failing that, I leaned using the EGT, but I was never sure that I was leaning for best power/efficiency.

    When I saw this video the other day, I purchased it immediately and installed it yesterday. A short test flight (~ 1 hour) showed me that I was previously leaning WAY too much… around 15.5 – 16.0. Yikes!

    The only question I have is that the display fluctuates between .4 and .6 %. William, I also have a dual-points distributor… would upgrading to an E/P distributor fix this? (I also have an MA3 carb)


    1. E/p is a good idea, but probably not change the display issue. Make sure you are following the new MOP manual, particularly if you have an older installation

      1. Thanks William; I’ve been using the MOP manual (I had picked up one from you at the Zenith Open House). My oil press/temps are right as you suggest; I think my biggest issue at this point is the distributor (my rpm’s will also fluctuate 30-50 rpms).

        I think my answer is to get the E/P (hopefully in the next month or two, before flying weather returns to PA), get it in and adjusted. (Remember, mine is the plane where the guy doing my condition inspection never checked the timing)

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