2019 Deland and Finish School Video


Here is a short fun video, a glance at last week’s Corvair Operations College and the Finishing School held at my place where we Ran  two 3.3L’s and a 3.0L engine.


Present in the video are many of the personalities who make my year possible, Ken Pavlou, Phil Maxson, Dan Sheradin, Ron the Drummer, Kitty Politi, Earl Brown, and others were here for a traditional year end gathering the same week. We had a few new people thrown in, and more than 30 people over for dinner Saturday night, a lot in a small house. It was a lot of fun, and a good way to close out my 30th year in experimental aviation. It’s mostly people pictures because as much as I love engines, people, are far more interesting, and I am blessed to have more good people in my life than I deserve.


Looking forward to many good times with friends, both old and new, in 2020.



We have now achieved the goal of 1,000 subscribers on Youtube, and we will shortly meet the 2nd criterion of having 4,000 hours of video viewing, which will allow direct hyperlinks in the videos and descriptions, which will allow us to bring all of our media formats into one fully coordinated machine. Something very good for 2020. 



5 Replies to “2019 Deland and Finish School Video”

  1. Now that looked like a good time, while still following the rubric 1) learn 2) have FUN, and once these maneuvers are assured, 3) make progress. Well done, keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for another great video of friends gathering to help one another.

    On another note, I was wondering what would it take to reverse the engine rotation of the Corvair? I guess the first question would be why. Since there are enough propellers out on the market today to fill everyones needs.
    Thank you

    1. Dennis, there are reverse grind cams available, and William has written about them in the past. That being said, props are available with the correct rotation for a standard corvair, through several makes, usually for no additional cost, including Warp Drive. If you get your prop through WW, the correct one is selected for you for the corvair, because he only sells to corvair builders.
      I looked into reverse engine info for application in a twin, but even that is not an absolute necessity.

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