2019 Midwest tour video


Your Sunday morning: You could either watch Meet the Press and see the same old talking heads rehash the same old alarmist arguments, or you can spend the same amount of time watching our 2019 midwest tour video.  I guarantee our video will put you in a better mood to get stuff done on your Airplane today.



The video above is the work of Ken Pavlou, aka “Kamal Mustafa” . He put nearly 18 hours of editing into it. So if you are tempted to turn the sound off to avoid hearing my low caffeine induced speech impediment of connecting all the sentences with the phrase “and-uh” , just imagine how Ken’s brain has been damaged by editing this for you. A human sacrifice on behalf of advancing the world of Corvairs.



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  1. The house call tour, 2019, was most welcome. Good to see other folks also benefiting from William’s efforts.

  2. At Cfan, the company being partially owned by the French, I get to hear Frenchmen speaking English daily. No one infuses spoken English with uh….and er…. (s) more than a Frenchman speaking English as a second language. They can cram more ah’s and er’s into a single sentence than a slack-jawed Texas troglodyte, such as myself, can utter in a week of conversational speech. Uhhhh….what was I saying? You did fantastic!

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