Something Funny- Oshkosh 2019


Here is something funny from Oshkosh 2019. I am making fun of the square edge of top of Randy Bush’s Pietenpol cowling; this is done in jest, as I love Randy and he knows it, he is the person laughing in the background.



Randy is part of our Oshkosh crew every year. There is no explanation for it, but some some reason Ken Pavlou, nick named him “Pot Roast”, and the name has stuck ever since.


If you want to read more about Randy, get a look at these stories:


Randy Bush’s Pietenpol hits 500 hours.


Oshkosh 2019


Above, Randy stands beside his 3,000cc Cleanex at Oshkosh 2017. Yes, “Pot Roast” has two Corvair Powered planes, and they have more than 1,000 hours between them.



7 Replies to “Something Funny- Oshkosh 2019”

  1. I’m enjoying your Youtube videos, as I’ve always had an interest in corvair engines. I don’t like your intro music. Sounds like a plane crash. Something more like floating through clouds would be much nicer

  2. Absolutely hilarious! WW DOES have a sense of humor, as the targets of his video do!
    Well done William!

  3. Ya know William I wonder what a Peit would look like with one of your nose bowls on it????? Interesting and ya know I think a feller named Pot Roast with some good Tennessee enganeering could pull it off? ? What do you think? Be care of those sharp edges man!!!

  4. Actually William it’s a Tennessee bug squasher, a requirement for open cockpit flying on summer evenings in west Tennessee!

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