4201-B “STOL BOWL” nose bowls


Just a 12 hours to go before departure for Corvair College #44 At the Zenith Aircraft Factory, but we are still prepping regular parts to be shipped by SPA while we are on the road.



Above, two STOL bowl, production parts. One is for Florida Zenith builder Ramesh Nori, the other one is yet to be adopted. If you would like to be the new owner, all you have to do is call Lisa at SPA: 904-626-7777, place the order, and it will be shipped on Thursday.  Care and feeding is easier than adopting a puppy, plus, your STOL bowl will not ruin your carpet nor chew shoes.


Looking forward to seeing many of you at the College.


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  1. When where to register? I don’t want to miss it. My brother and I want to go.

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