Oshkosh – Brodhead 2019 schedule – on video


Here is my official schedule for Oshkosh and Brodhead:





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When attending my nephew’s wedding in Boston a few days ago, I lost my cell phone for the first time ever. Since I really am a technology troglodyte, I didn’t have everything fully backed up. If you have a text in to me, please resend it; when texting, please identify who you are as 1/3 of my contacts got wiped out. My number is the same, it will just take a bit to get fully back up to speed.


If you look at the youtube channel, Ken has also made some videos out of rejected clips, and put them under the ‘humor’ category. Yes, 50,000 volts will light a cigarette.


Thank You,






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  1. If you are an iPhone person, remember you can go to your own contact in your phone contacts and select “share contact” and text it to William. He can easily add it to his new phone and not even have to type it all in.

  2. William, Just in case you lost me on your new phone. Dennis McGuire 1283 Gorham St Jacksonville Fla 32226 904-735-5140 Did you get to see a Red Socks baseball game?

    Sent from my iPhone Dennis McGuire Et padre, et filiu et spiritu sanste. Amen’

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