Video: Motivation, and the mindset of Homebuilders


Zenith 601XL/Corvair builder and flyer Phil Maxson was here at my place in Florida earlier in the week. In addition to catching up, we shot the Oil change video, and took a few quiet moments to catch this interview style video in my back yard.  Part of the reason the topics came up was Chris Welsh, my roommate from Embry-Riddle was present, and the three of us had spent the previous evening kicked back and covering some of the same terrain.


The Video is a lot broader in scope than the subject of Corvairs. If you have someone in your life who is yet to understand what you are pursuing in your workshop, perhaps a link to this video will shed some light to your mindset.




Above, the link to the 25 minute interview. If you have never met me in person, here is a view of what a morning in my backyard actually looks like, perhaps very different than you might guess from just following my writings. We cover a number of topics, including the original of modern Corvair building, my evolution to the mindset of a homebuilder, and the values of mastery vs ownership.  Its not quick, if you are pinched for time, save it for a time where you can watch it sitting down with a coffee or a beer.


If this kind of discussion is not to your tempo or temperament, just pass it. It doesn’t have any technical info in it, just ideas and thoughts.  Phil and I are prone to considering things as if we are H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan out on a road trip to ‘take the national temperature’. 






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  1. When I first saw the notice for this video, I thought “there is no way that you can make a WW opinion video that would work”. But as I read thru your description, I changed my mind and thought that it would be worth listening to. When I had the time, I fired it off and the music made me think that somehow the wrong video was playing. My second thought was that I liked the music, and given the totally different subject matter, it works quite well whereas the head-banger music would not have worked at all. All in all, this is a good video.

  2. William,
    The last two videos are the best yet. This one shows that if someone invested a little time to get to know the ‘why’ behind your opinions, they would come away with a much better understanding, and I think it will serve you well in that mission. Having Phil be the interviewer was a treat as well, since he, like a few others, is great at helping hone the message when they know there is more we all need to hear. As Dave mentioned above, the different soundtrack helps delineate this as a different but just as important aspect of the learning process. (In case that was unclear: I Like the Music, thanks)

    If anyone is unsure who the ‘real’ William is, and needs convincing that you are genuine in your desire for builders to treat aviation as an Endeavor worthy of their best efforts, then the philosophy stories on the blog and This Video should be their first stop.

    The inclusion of part numbers, sources, explanations, and tools in the oil change video and others is precisely the type of detail needed for those of us trying to Follow The Directions, please keep that going. Keep up the good work.


  3. William, every fool is offended when presented with wisdom…it’s the nature of the beast. I know, I’ve been there. I don’t know you other than the derivative you express in your writing and now videos (I have the engine vids, so I had some familiarity with your image and sound prior). 25 years of instructing adolescent people…and actually caring about them and their future, gives me the impression that I might have at least a tangentially shared similitude with you. Offense is a self inflicted wound…in its general sense it requires no apology by you. Sometimes, in a weak moment, as a teacher or parent, we can go too far on an individual basis, and we apologize to an individual, sincerely. Crap, that all sounds too self important and ‘offensively’ familiar. I’ll go comic: William, your apology to the offended offends me. I’d buy you a coffee or a beer anywhere anytime.

    1. I appreciate your take on things. I was only telling people who were offended that it wasn’t my goal, but I accomplished it as an afterthought. I lot of those people will be disappointed and hurt to find out I wasn’t even thinking of them at the time.

      1. Hahaha…true that. It is not obvious to them that we ‘love’ them, unfortunately. Altruistic correction is tricky and slithery, a tightrope walk between self righteous co-dependance and true self sacrifice. An eye on the compass, a scan of the panel, another eye for specks in the sky and a striving for inner peace that keeps us from white knuckling the controls lead to a successful and fulfilling flight.

    2. If what you write or say is result of too much coffee, I need to start drinking a lot of coffee.

  4. No William, doing nothing won’t prevent offending anyone. Every job whether timing an ignition or tuning an attitude requires the right tools applied properly. That’s why they make 9 pound hammers.

  5. Sir William,
    Sure would be nice to hear your words.
    I wish you had Closed Captions. Too many hours behind barking exhaust in open cockpit Aeroplanes like Pat Green’s Pietenpol and my VW powered Volksplane.
    Dennis McGuire

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