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  1. Congratulations to Gerry on a sharp looking airplane I know he is proud I would be, Hey William I wanted to give a shout out to Mark Goldberg at Avipro, he sells the BearHawk line of kits and parts and he has been a great support in my build, and of course you and SPA have been great. I really feel good about my project with people like you and SPA and Avipro having my back during this build. Love the videos and again thanks for all you do to support us builders.

  2. William,
    I am missing so much of your videos due to a hearing imparent. I wish you could add closed captions or some other way of reading your words.

    1. Dennis, sorry to hear this, hope you are on the mend.

      Can another builder chime in here and explain how to turn on the closed captioning on YouTube? I have been told it is an option. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this.

      1. When the video is playing just click on the little icon at the bottom right that says “CC”. That will start the Closed Caption.

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