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Kitti Politi and I shot a new video on oil change information today, and evidently I got the coffee/sleep ratio pretty close, because it looks pretty good, I hit it in one take, and I did it straight off the top of my head with no script.  Kitty, who is relatively new to the team, had not previously seen my idiot-savant capability to transform into the caffeine fueled ‘abominable showman’, a performance honed over thirty years working on Corvairs and giving more than 600 public forums on the topic.  She thought this was pretty cool. As long as the Coffee/air ratio stays right at 12:1, we will have many more videos to come.


Kitty  emailed it to Ken Pavlou in Connecticut, and Volia! just like magic, Ken makes a professional video appear on my Youtube page an hour later. Use the link below, and look under the “Operations” playlist:





Above, my favorite Corvair Flight oil pictured in the middle. All of the supplies shown above are discussed in detail in this story: The correct supplies for engine building 


For a printed story with detail on oil, read this:

Corvair Oil Change interval….. Lessons part #1

and get a look here….

Notes on Corvair flight engine oils.

and here also:

Oil Change interval, meeting the challenge

Below is a broad overview on oil temps in operations:

Thoughts on cold weather operation, minimum oil temps, etc.


thanks, WW.


7 Replies to “Oil Change video”

  1. I am very glad you are making YouTube videos. A video showing the process of changing the oil would be very interesting as well. Next time a corvair plane is scheduled for an oil change, make a video of the job!

  2. Agreed. Would love to see an action video. Like Experimental Aircraft Porn.

  3. Can we get a link to your recommend oil filter cutter? There are quite a few options out there! Also, I assume you use Blackstone for oil analysis? Or is someone else more familiar with the specific thing to watch for in a Corvair flight engine? I really appreciate the service you provide with this blog and the videos, thanks!

    1. Thanks, Dan! I’ve ordered from Summit many times, glad they have a good one.

    1. Thanks, Tim! I’ve been following the blog since about January of this year, and am working through the old posts, but haven’t gotten close to 2018 yet! Appreciate the link.

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