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Something I have wanted to do for years, gets started tonight: I now have a youtube channel, a home base where we can share visual stories from the world of flying Corvairs. Below is the direct link:





Above, In my front yard last week, some of the friends who helped launch “WW Flycorvair” my Youtube channel; Earl Brown, who’s landing gear is a subject,  Phil Maxson, who’s 13 years of flying his 601 is featured,  Ken Pavlou, who put all the videos together, and Ron the drummer, who’s band played the intro music. I have also had behind the scenes support from Terry Hand and Dan and Tracy Sheradin, and encouragement from many friends.


Comments and suggestions: Please use the comments section here to share your feedback, input and suggestions. I will be very happy to hear it. I used the word “Our” at the start of this story because I would like be the sharing point for video on Flycorvair engines, events, planes and builders.


Because elements of the general public compulsively say evermore inane things in Youtube comments, Ken has chosen to disable the comments section directly on the videos. He said he did this because he is a medical professional, and he is just protecting my blood pressure, but I suspect he was just saving himself from having to hear me complain after morons wrote in about their grandfathers 4 cylinder Corvairs, how Ferdinand Porche designed it in 1958 (seven years after he died) and how Ralph Nader was actually the second man on the grassy knoll.




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  1. Ahoy William, Cool youtube channel. It looks like a great format. I’m your 14th subscriber and look forward to many more videos. One thing, (there’s always one thing) the music is WAY too loud and obnoxious. I can’t be seem to be positive and make a constructive suggestion on what would be good, but it’s sure not this, as it is.

    1. Lauren, I get this to Ken’s attention. The selection of music is very limited, because any known song will be spotted by YouTube robotic copyright enforcement, and they will shut down your channel. Ken and I picked out Ron’s original music over typical pay to play Muzack elevator-new age stuff you can pay for, but perhaps a volume adjustment on our part will improve things.

  2. So glad you were able to get the YouTube Channel up and running. The videos are great and explain things very clearly. Having all the examples from different peoples projects is great for those of us who are visual learners.
    Keep the videos rolling and the intro music playing!
    Can’t help but notice the detailing on the test engine and the awesome paint job on your front porch.

    1. Terry, search “Hercoma live @ animal house” on youtube and look at 3:40, its Ron, hammering out the same song to the code 15 years ago.

  3. William,
    I noticed in your YouTube intro video that you said that you were dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 20th century, not the 21st century. So you are still a troglodyte in good standing!

  4. Hi William! I just subscribed and the videos are great! Such a great resource for people considering the Corvair. Look forward to more!

  5. SMART thing to edit away inane and asinine comments! An artist needs no interruption of their creative explorations by knownothings. Besides, it is painful at times to see you drawn into the ‘dark zone’ of knaves, blackuards, vartlets and ‘crack addicts’ (their own cracks’),when dignifying their idiocy with defenses they will never read nor understand if they did, when you have so much more to offer….and…..HERE IT IS! Outstanding! Wooooohooooo! So glad for you, FlyCorvair, and all builders and aviators everywhere. {;^)

  6. Hi William, am very happy to subscribe, if it’s half as good as your blog then it will be both highly inspirational and very entertaining. Good luck!

  7. I watched them all. Perfect!!
    Maybe you cannot see from your perspective but these are very well done. Excellent intro for someone interested in the engine.

    This is a great idea. Hopefully this will entice more builders into building and flying Corvair.


  8. It seemed that you’ve been sort of quiet for a while. These videos are obviously what you’ve been up to. Thanks to you and the crew for excellent videos. I’ve watched them all.

    Two suggestions.

    When you’re talking about Corvair parts, you might send them to the Corvair Overview video to see where they go. For example, the gold oil filter adapter is shown at 10:25 on that video, or you could possibly splice a segment into your different videos.

    The other suggestion is to have a body mike on for the sound while you’re inside the house. There seems to be a fair amount of echo in the sound. Since my hearing isn’t what it used to be, I notice the way that audio is recorded.

  9. Love them. Please add close caption for us with hearing loss.
    Thank you
    Dennis McGuire

  10. Hi William,
    Thanks for doing videos, for the more visual among us, always helpful! Ken is a professional, you are wise to follow his suggestions (except, maybe, what constitutes ‘just a little’ tequila…)

    A few quick comments: I second the sentiment to bring down the intro music volume to save our hearing, and increase it for the speaking parts (through judicious microphone use or other means) so that we don’t miss a thing. I don’t pretend to be setting music trends myself, but it’s mainly the volume balance, and not necessarily the genre, which could be tweaked. I must add: I met Ron briefly, and he’s a very cool dude, with interesting stories and a positive attitude, just the type we need to keep momentum going. He’s also pretty tough, and he’s going to be just fine whether I personally like one song or not. Thanks Ron, for providing your music for a good cause. Rock on.

    Looking forward to seeing more, and hopefully additions to the First Flights section from the group, including at some point later on, mine.

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