Springtime brings unwelcome visitors.


I just was refilling my coffee, walked the 10 feet from the house to the hangar and found this 38″ water moccasin sunning himself. People attribute all kinds of qualities to snakes, but after a childhood in Thailand with cobras and a few decades with moccasins in Florida, It is my opinion that snakes are slightly dumber than cockroaches, which at least know to run.



No matter what TV personalities think, there are good reasons some people chose to own firearms, and here is my personal reason for the day. The world record for moccasins is only 59″, and 38″ is nothing to be trifled with. The bite has the potential to be fatal, but isn’t frequently. However, the treatment will leave you very sick for a long time, and many people end up with amputations from the necrotic tissue damage.  This snake took that 20 gauge #8 hit in the middle and was still able to bite at a shovel minutes later.  I don’t mind looking after my own safety, as long as I, not others,  get to chose the tools.





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      1. Understood. I will typically run across 1 or 2 rattlesnakes a year here and my nerves tend to be a little jumpy as I dispose of them. Rattlesnakes tend to be polite and shake their tail at me; a behavior that I like to encourage by grabbing them with a 3′ snake stick, carry them out back to the Fort’s test range, and throw them as far as I can (40′ ~ 50′). That is usually not fatal to the snake, but they are smart enough to take a hint and not come back. On the other hand, I have no qualms about kill one that doesn’t warn me that he is there.

  1. Glad your allowed to still deal with vermin in your own way William been trying to get ahold of you but old #’s out of date,get ahold of me or text me your contact info if your so inclined william thanks, Jim my #4844315921

  2. If it is dumb enough to be afraid of me and therefore want to sting, bite, poison, eat me? I shoot first and ask no questions….

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