You might be a Motorhead if….


You might be a Motorhead if you have a 1920’s BG spark plug tester on your kitchen counter, just because admiring it and drinking coffee are a great way to start any day in the shop.



BG was a very important aircraft spark plug manufacturer from 1918-64. They had many cutting edge innovations, including perfecting the platinum plug before WWII.  This is an M519 tester. The plug goes in upside down, the lever is pulled camming the plug upward, sealing it into the glass topped chamber. The air valve is tripped automatically and pressurizes the chamber, simulating the resistance in the chamber on the compression stroke. The spark is generated remotely by a battery and contacts, and observed through the glass window. It takes very little imagination to picture the planes this serviced. Its approaching 100 years old and it still works smoothly.  I inherited it from this friend: Dick Phillips – Bravo Zulu




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  1. A FlyCorvair mug looks like it’d be a mighty fine addition to my project. I think I’d like two, in fact. Please let me know if any are burning up your shelf space.

    Bryce Gorrell

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