The Barnwell SC Crew that brought you nine Corvair Colleges.


Corvair College  #43 was the ninth College we have held in Barnwell SC. Although we have had outstanding events, both big and small from coast to coast and even in Canada, there is no question the Crew at Barnwell have lead the way on Colleges and have established an unbeaten record of service and good times to an entire era of Corvair builders. That type of contribution to our branch of aviation is exactly what makes traditional light aviation a real brotherhood.



L-R, Brandon, Cal, P.F. and Tim.  Brandon is the young guy with 2 of the 9 Colleges on his scorecard, but the trio of the old guard have been with us at all nine Colleges. More than a decade ago, P.F. flew his Pietenpol to Colleges 12 and 16, and suggested I come to Barnwell and see the airport and meet his crew. He was very confident he had just the location and people we needed. Now, a decade later, hundreds of builders have learned exactly why P.F. could speak with assurance for his team and his airport.


If you are one of the hundreds of builders who have beed a beneficiary of P.F and Crew’s hospitality and hard work, I really encourage you to share your gratitude in the comments section, its a mark of thanks they will appreciate.




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  1. To P.F. and the entire Barnwell crew –

    Thank you for all you have done for Corvair builders. Your hospitality and spirit of service is the best I have seen. You do not realize how much you have assisted builders. The Corvair movement has definitely grown because of your help. Thanks again. And I look forward to an epic 10th Barnwell next year. Let me know what I can do to help make it the best ever.

  2. To P.F. and the Barnwell Team,

    Thank you for another great Corvair College. Your continued, exceptional support of this event and aviation movement sets the standard for all others!

  3. This is the third barnwell college I have been to and l managed a much appreciated ride in PF’s pietenpol at # 42. I have never felt so welcomed by the crew there. Thank you all.
    Ed Lee

  4. To PF and the Barnwell crew…

    Ginger and I attended a Barnwell CC a few years back to run my 2 engines. It was an awesome experience! You are amazing hosts and it was extremely enjoyable from the time we arrived until we left. Your group, along with some of the nicest people I’ve ever been around, make us want to come back just to experience the event again. I highly recommend attending a (or many) CC and Barnwell will not disappoint! Ginger & I plan on flying the TwinJAG in for next years CC at Barnwell. Hope to see all of my Corvair friends there.

    Jim Tomaszewski

    1. But most of all…Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!!


  5. To PF and all of the host team at Barnwell Airport,
    I have been to several Barnwell Colleges, and I have never been disappointed by my experience. I have worked in hospitality for more than a decade, and PF and Crew take second to no one. I not only got to learn about Corvair flight engines, but also learned what true hospitality is like. Not to mention “proper” BBQ, the importance of grits and cornbread, and a good example of what it is to be dedicated to a cause bigger than yourself. Every time, I felt welcomed, and they always take an interest in what’s new with you, as well as your project, regardless of the many things they have to attend to, to make the events go off without a hitch. Thanks to the whole crew, we are very lucky to have all of you. A big thank you to Mrs. Beck, for letting PF have fun with us every year too!

  6. I’ve been to Barnwell 3 times having flown in once and the PF crew have been outstanding, both in proving an excellent venue for WWs colleges as well as the logistics of handling those fantastic meals!

  7. This was my first visit to Barnwell and I was extremely impressed at how well all was set up and ready to go and how much support I experienced. From the time I arrived and they directed me to back my truck into the hanger and helped move all my stuff to the table to the time they helped put all items back in the truck when I was ready to leave. I have never had a more enjoyable time with people I did not know but it was only a few minutes of talking with anyone here and you felt like you have known them for quite a while. That’s true hospitality. I appreciate all the help that Dan and Tracy as well as all the others gave to make sure the engine was ready to run and help mount and take off the stand. And there is no better feeling than firing up your engine in 2 seconds that you built and now you have the engine you will fly behind…I’m still smiling about that. To PF and crew, a heartfelt thank you for putting on Barnwell #43 and the same to William and Dan and all others, My goal is to fly into Barnwell next year and enjoy this experience again.

  8. I have never met a better group of men anywhere, I love all love all of them as if they were my brothers!

  9. Edi and I had the opportunity to attend in 2014. It was a great trip and experience.P.F. and crew really did a super job. Logistics and schedules currently conflict with a return but we would like too return at a future event.

  10. To the entire crew at Barnwell:
    I had the pleasure of riding in P.F.’s Pietenpol the first year I attended, (I still have the picture) and am now involved in building our own after coming to the last 5 of the 9 Corvair Colleges held. Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes to make this event look easy, even though there is a lot of hard work that goes into making this event happen in the first place. From the moment of arriving at Barnwell you feel like family. Everything from coffee in the early hours to sweet snacks late into the night; to help builders achieve their dreams of a running engine; are met without a second thought. I look forward to coming to Barnwell every year, not only to work on our own project, but also to share in the camaraderie that makes this event so memorable. Thank you for making everyone feel like family, and showing everyone true Southern Hospitality. A huge shout out to the ladies behind these wonderful men and a warm, heartfelt thank you for allowing them the chance to “come out and play.”

  11. To P.F. and crew-

    CC#43 was my third Barnwell event. I was a bit nervous to attend my first time, but felt comfortable within minutes of arriving. Since then the annual trek to Barnwell, an 11 hour drive, is something I look forward to all year. You couldn’t ask for better hospitality or a more well run event.

    At my first CC I bought my core from P.F. Last week, through the help of many at the colleges, I was able to turn his core into a running aircraft engine.

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Beck on 49 years as well!

    Until next time,

  12. I could not agree more with the comments above. Having been to all 9 events at Barwell, it is the ONE aviation event each year I can’t miss. I know a letter from each of you (above posts) with your exact sentences mailed to the Barnwell County Airport Board with a postage stamp in an envelope would be like medicine to the soul.

    Airport Board
    Barnwell Regional Airport
    155 Airport Rd.
    Barnwell, SC 29812

  13. I was at Barnwell 2 years ago and it was great how professional the program was and how much fun P.F. and the the crowd was. We even accomplished some engine building! Thanks again P.F.

    Brian and Bonnie Sanford

  14. To P.F.,Tim,Cal and Brandon
    Thank you for an excellent first time experience at a Corvair College. I can not imagine a better experience anywhere else.
    Justin Peters

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