Very special deal on “E-I-B” 2,775cc Corvair ‘Kit’ engine with Billet Crank.


If you have been thinking about assembling a very high end 105-110 HP Corvair for your project, we have an outstanding, one of a kind offer, this week only, on a SPA “Engine in a Box” complete kit engine.


SPA Engine in a Box kits come with every single engine part, but they have a wide variety of options. However, the centerpiece of this kit is a SPA made in the USA, new Billet Crankshaft.  ( 2012 story: Billet Cranks Made In The USA– 2018 story:SPA Billet Corvair Cranks) Almost all other parts in the kit are brand new also, just a few items, the case halves, the basic head castings and the accessory case casing are original remanufactured parts. Virtually all else is new, made in the USA.


Here is the special deal:

All EIB kits have the available option of having the bottom end assembled for an additional $600. We also offer final assembly on engines and test runs for $1,400.  In the case of this particular engine, SPA is waiving the bottom end assembly fee, and I am offering an exclusive, one on one weekend training, final assembly and test run for the purchaser, at my own hangar, at no charge.


OK, some basic questions:

How much is this this billet crank EIB kit?



How long is the offer good for?

Until 11/10/18, the first builder who pays for it will get it.


When do I have to come for the training?

The engine has to be paid for now, but the training offer is good for the next 5 months.


Can I fly in commercial and have the test run engine shipped to me?

Yes, you can fly in to Jacksonville FL, and we will do the work at my hangar. The engine owner is responsible for the crating and shipping charges, but we have access to very reasonable rates on this.


Can I bring my spouse, kid or friend to the weekend?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. 


If I can’t make it to your shop, can I have the engine assembled, run and shipped?

I will assemble and test run it myself, but the buyer is still responsible for crating and shipping fees.


Do I owe a core fee on this engine?

No. There has been a core on previous EIB kits, but it is waived for the offer, on this engine kit.


Who do I contact about buying this engine?

Rachel Weseman at SPA 904-626-7777


Who do I complain to if I want the engine, but wait too long, and I have to read the story about the guy who bought it and see the pictures of him doing the CMP- (“Captain Morgan” Contest at #39) outside William’s hangar?

I understand that SME (Spilled Milk Enterprises) offers a special ‘self anger and loathing’ seminar on Regret Island in the Bahamas next year. You will have to make your own reservations, but they will have mechanical grief counselors on staff.




Above, Front quarter view of a 2,775 engine built in our shop. When assembled, the EIB kit engine will look just like this one.



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3 Replies to “Very special deal on “E-I-B” 2,775cc Corvair ‘Kit’ engine with Billet Crank.”

  1. William,How often do you guys run specials like this?I won’t be able to break free until July ish next year.Regards,Bill

    Bill Jacobs Daytona Beach, Fl.

    1. Bill, this is a one of a kind special. Next year we will have the same engines for sale, with all the options, and the same personal training will be available, but in 2019, there will be no deal like this where we are essentially including $2,000 in labor and training for free. We are motivated to get one more complete engine in the hands of a motivated builder, for inventory purposes I like to move it this year instead of over the winter, and I like to get a very nice story about personal training we have available for builders who have a hard time making it to colleges or would prefer one on one training.

  2. That’s an Awesome Deal, Especially with one on one builder assistance from the master himself. Hey Black Friday shopping is coming up, drop the hint to your loved ones…Print out the ad and place it in their favorite magazine, at least you won’t shoot your eye out.

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