Corvair College #43, One Month Away.


We are now one month away from Corvair College #43, November 9-11 in South Carolina, The link below includes all the background information, and the sign up link, and a historic look at the achievements of previous Colleges. There are still 18 of 90 spots available, the sign up will close shortly.


Info page, Corvair College #43, Barnwell SC.




The Golden Rule: ” In a demanding environment, the most reliable machine will be the simplest one, at the hands of the best trained operator.” – ww.


If the above rule were not true, The Marine Corps could close Parris Island and Camp Pendelton, and let the Milenials working for Google and FaceBook design its small arms.  In all venues that matter, the simplest machines, in the hands of skilled, trained operators, will always prove to be the most reliable tools. This has been true since the Bronze Age, and only a salesman would argue otherwise. If you sign up and attend this Corvair College, you will see our commitment to applying the Golden Rule to homebuilding. Experimental Aviation is a venue that matters, and you should select your path in it, guided by a philosophy of reason, not one of marketing.




Postscript thought: The #43 info page link above has been up for more than 110 days.  Going to this blog at anytime and typing “Corvair College” into the search block on the upper right would have directly taken anyone to the #43 info page. I understand that I have a lot of stories on this page, but they are not excessively difficult to find with a modest effort.



About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at and in more than 50 magazine articles.

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