3.0 Corvair, Bob Clarke



The second engine to run at CC #42 / 2018 Zenith open house was built by Bob Clark for his 750.



Above , Bob turns the prop while e pre-oil his engine. When we buttoned it up it took less than 2 seconds of cranking to light and run perfectly. A very memorable mile stone in project.




3 Replies to “3.0 Corvair, Bob Clarke”

  1. The 3L is an excellent match for the 750 air frame. I have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of my Cruzer.

  2. Congratulations Bob! not only go have a great engine that runs and you know it does but you also have a great organization behind you.

  3. Hi Bob, hope to see your new engine on your new plane in Oshkosh next year! I want to say goodbye but didn’t find you two when I left. And Mr. Wynne thank you, I learned a lot this time again, hopefully, I can prompt myself to rookie grade 2 in the foreseeable future.

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