Something Tasteful about ‘Bigfoot’


I stopped by our local NAPA today, (the setting of this story Feminism in Rural Florida, Pt. 2) to pick up some filters and carb cleaner, and was invited to dine with the staff in the employee break room. When I asked what was on the menu from Mother Nature’s supermarket, the response was ‘Bigfoot’.



Above, ‘Bigfoot’ the nickname for a particular 160 lb. wild hog with unusually large feet. It ceased being a member of the invasive species club when it met the NAPA store owners brother just north of I-10. A local establishment recycled Bigfoot into the sausage seen in the tray. Tasty, and free of the questionable chemicals which are pervasive in nearly all supermarket products. The tool was an AR chambered in 6.8SPC.  Other than the last one or two seconds, Bigfoot’s life was a paradise of freedom in a natural setting compared to the very unpleasant to contemplate existence of the animals who’s last destination was the local supermarket.




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  1. Had to taste GRRRRREAT! Shrimp, redskins, Sowsage (boarsage didn’t quite do it). Nice neighborhood! (except for the snakes….we have smallish rattlers, lions, bears, but those moccasins make me real trigger happy. Killed a 2.5′ ‘tired’ rattler I hadn’t seen at first – at hip level where the basement door is- a couple weeks ago. Shovel did the trick, but even that took some energy to get that head disconnected from the body…) {;^)

  2. I’m glad Bigfoot ended up on the table as food. Feral hogs are probably one of the most damaging invasive species everywhere. In Hawaii, they add to the diet of the locals (who prize their pig dogs), and are great for luaus. Here in California, they ravage the back country, creating incredible soil erosion and devastation of native plant species as well as crops, including vineyards.

    The recent drought has probably reduced their numbers, but California supposedly has more of them than any other state.

  3. Interesting. My hog gun is a gift from my stepson a few years back. It’s a Moisin-Nagant Russian battle rifle chambered in 7.62X54. I put a sporter scope on it and found out how hard a rifle can recoil! Really accurate, hard-hitting round.

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