Corvair Core engine needed in St. Louis area.



I have been speaking with Dan Noble for the last few weeks as he had been looking for a core to rebuild for he upcoming Zenith project.  He is really Gung-ho on this, but somehow the ironic sense of humor in the universe keeps showing him guys who live 6 hours away who want $500 for seized motors missing heads. I told him if something better didn’t turn up, I would put the word out here, and I predicted positive results, so lets see if a builder out there can get Dan a lead on a core in his area and prevent me from looking bad.


Dan Noble  314-398-8110


If you know anyone who has a spare core within a few hours of St. Louis which meets the standard of 1964-69, 95 or 110, and rotates 360 degrees, please do me a favor and give Dan a quick call or text. He is a good guy, someone we want in our builder community. I really like his attitude, because he told me that he is going to build either a 650 or a Cruiser, which ever appealed to his wife, all he specified is that it is going to be Corvair powered.


PS, if the guy who provides the intel which get Dan a core shows up at my Oshkosh display, I will buy that builder dinner as a thank you for showing community support on this. -ww.



Judging a book by it’s cover story: When engine shopping, I don’t care if the engine is clean, only if it rotates. Counterintuitive Grease Monkey Experience: an engine that is covered in goo on the outside constantly leaked oil, and thus had a continuous oil change going on. This motor invariably looks better inside than one which drove the last 3 or 4 years without an oil change. Besides, an oil leak core motor began the “self cocooning” anti-exterior corrosion process before hibernating a few decades waiting for you to need a flight engine core.




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  1. I wish I were closer. I will say, keep looking and eventually, a usable engine will show up.

    I had a saved Craigslist search for a large portion of the Northeast and found nothing the over a year. Then two were listed in the span of a few weeks. I found one relatively cheap which is mostly usable, then another one popped up that as it turns out was seized – the guy was so desperate to get rid of it he wanted me to just take it. So for $20 am pulling it apart and taking what I can.

    Point is that they are still available and one will show up. It would be great though if someone here knows of one they can point Dan to.

  2. A fellow named Stan Dawes in Cherryvale Kansas had a complete 65 Monza 3 or 4 speed car for sale $750 as of last week. Buy the entire car and sell off the parts to the restoration folks. I would have (and did) pay $150 just for a good steering box for my 65 Vair when I had it. 65 is one off for the steering system from the Earlies and all later. The engine is missing the oil fill cap and air cleaner system but it does have the engine deck intact so possibly the powerplant is a good core. Who can say what is under the shrouds tho? No one can say for sure about the heads being original or not. Need to see the numbers. I wrote a not to this man to ask if is still available and if the engine will rotate 360. Car is a white exterior with blue interior. He says it is a 65 but I suspect it may be a 66. Interior trim and tail lights give me reason to wonder. It’ll be a late case of not the good heads. Early 66 164’s if memory serves were non smog. Please correct me William if that is an error. Vern in Mannford Ok.

    1. Vern, thanks for the info. In my experience, 66-67 cars outside of California rarely have smog motors. Easy was to tell a 1966-69 motor is all of the bolts holding the fan shroud to the heads are 3/8-16 with 9/16” heads. Earlier motors are half 1/4-20 bolts.

    2. Stan says it is still available. Can’t see the shroud bolts because of leaves and typical “preservation” these engines get over the years. He is on Facebook Marketplace and I use this venue sometimes with better success than some others. At least we know there is a live person in contact. 620-205-0925 is Stans’ number. Dan..he already knows you might contact him. I’d suggest seeing what kind of trades he would be interested in. Possible you end up with a free core. I have myself done this more than once in the Corvair world.

  3. Also.. the man says he is open to trades.. the asking is OBO as well. Its rusty..too far for me to consider going into a restoration. I’ll post his contact info when he responds.

  4. I bought an engine that came with a second set of heads. I will donate the heads to his cause if he can find case, crank, etc.

    Ron Beitel


  5. William. I have one maybe two sets of (cases, crank, cylinders, heads and other misc. parts that I’m willing to sell for $400.00 a set). I will transport them to Barnwell in the Fall. I plan to attend anyway and its no trouble to throw these in my trailer. These are apart ready for cleaning. I have another that is seized.

    Bill Mills

    1. Bill I appreciate the offer, and if they are exceptionally clean they might be worth that to a guy who is real close to you, however, We have a number of complete cores in very good condition at SPA at all times for $350. If a builder is planning on a 3.0 or 3.3L build, these engines are already at SPA saving the shipping of the parts there for modification. -ww.

  6. I am just starting to look for Cores, I live in Phoenix and there is a long time Corvair guy on craigslist,

    I asked about a rebuildable core and he asked me if I was wanting it for Aircraft, I didn’t respond yet, anyone have dealings with this person? Heading over tomorrow to check his place out.
    I have WW Book, what is the current Price range for a non seized core ?


      1. He wants to start at $ 600, haven’t went over to Bargain with him though.

      2. William, thanks for the intel, that is too much $, we can ship a $350 core from Florida that I will guarantee and still return $100 on that price.

  7. I am going to the Zenith workshop in July to try it out, I’ve looked at RV’s and I helped a guy build one once and the noise from bucking rivets would drive everyone crazy and get me a fine from our HOA.

    The Blind Rivet method should work in my garage. I owned a Cherokee and the costs of AD’s were far too high, even when I did all of the work under my A&P.s supervision.
    Learning to maintain this aircraft myself is a big motivation for Building myself.

    When do you plan on having a College? I will make time to attend, actually looking forward to it.

    Thanks for your advise.
    Bill Robinson

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