FlyCorvair/SPA – Joint Workshop/Open house, May 18,19,20


FlyCorvair and Sport Performance Aviation are teaming up to bring you a hybrid event, one that combines a weekend engine workshop along with an all-day Saturday Open House for new builders to come and get a look at both Corvair Engines and Panther Airframes. This event will be at the SPA/Panther Factory in Green Cove Springs FL. May 18-20th.  


The Saturday Open House is an all day format where everyone is welcome to come and see Corvair engines on the run stand, tour the Panther factory and meet builders in a friendly environment. Saturday doesn’t require reservations, and we encourage you to bring a friend. It will run from 9 am to 6pm. After-hours we will head over to Ronnie’s, our local bar and grill for a social evening. The day will be full of things to see and learn, all in the company of friendly people.


Friday and Sunday are workshop days where builders who pre-register will be full assembling and test running their motors.  We have several build positions for builders purchasing 3.3L “Engine in a Box” kits, and we have several build slots for builders working on 2,700cc engines. Because we intend to get each of the engines through the break in on the run stand by Sunday afternoon, we have a limited amount to slots, and builders who would like to take part should contact SPA at 904-626-7777 immediately.



Above, Trevor Rushton, a Pietenpol builder from the UK, running his Corvair at a previous SPA factory event. Factory Workshops offer a more personalized, higher intensity setting than a Corvair College. For this reason, we limit workshops to a small number of builders. If you would like to be one of them, call us right away.


” I have heard of Corvair engines, and seen pictures, but I have never seen one run, and I’d like to learn more before I select the Corvair as my power plant”

Saturday is your day. You don’t need anything but an interest in learning more. We will have plenty of engines being assembled, you can ask any question you like, see any part of the motor, and watch the assembly process, see them broken in on the test stand and meet other builders who have already selected the Corvair as their power plant.


“I already have your manuals, but I haven’t found a Corvair engine to work with yet”

Call us right away, we have a limited number of good core engines on hand for sale. We will assist you in the disassembly of your core motor on on the spot. We will show you which pieces are kept, reworked, and replaced. We can begin processing the parts right after the event so they can be ready long before the next Corvair College or Workshop. This can be accomplished any day of the event, but we would prefer to schedule it for Saturday.


“I saw that I can buy a 3.3L “Engine in a box” kit and assemble it at the workshop, including test running it, where do I learn more?”

We only have three 3.3L engine build slots at this workshop. If you would like to learn more and get kit pricing, contact Rachel at SPA 904-626-7777. If you are interested, you should act now, as Sun n Fun is a few days away, and with the start of airshow season, the slots will go quick. Additionally, we want to provide the reading and DVD materials to these builders well in advance of the event so they may be better prepared.


“I have a Core motor already, and I would like to drop the parts off at the factory for remanufacturing and machining”

This can be done any day of the event, but we would prefer Saturday. If you need assistance disassembling your core, make sure you call in advance to allow us to work in a time slot.


“I have a nearly assembled motor, needs a few details, but I’d like to run it at this workshop”

We have a few test stand slots just for this, but you must schedule this with us in advance, please contact SPA for more information on this.


“I think Corvairs are great, but I’m a Lycoming guy and I would like to tour the Panther Factory”

Saturday is your day.  Potential Panther builders are all welcome, no matter what their engine preference is, but be prepared to fall in love with Corvairs when you hear one run.


“Is this event just for Panther builders?”

The Workshop and Open House are for anyone who likes Corvairs or Panthers, and if you like both, that is all the better, but not required. We will have plenty of Zenith, Sonex and Pietenpol builders on hand and welcome.


If you have other questions, you can ask them here, or call SPA. We are looking forward to meeting many new builders, and making progress with builders who have already selected the Corvair. This is an excellent opportunity to find out if there is a Corvairs and/or a Panther in your future. There is no time like the present, act now an make aviation season 2018 count for you.


Sport Performance Aviation

1528 Virgil’s Way , suite #8

Green Cove Springs,  Florida, 32043.

904 -626- 7777.






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  1. After following flycorvair for over ten years I finally have my own airpark hanger near CAE. looking but undecided on an airframe to start building. I have dismantled cores and one good crank. I plan to attend and figure out exactly where to enter back in .

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