‘Rule of thumb’…. part #2



As a follow on to: Rule of thumb in evaluating gear mesh , I present part #2



Question: Why does it say “Wear safety goggles” when it really should say “Do not put thumb on top of chisel when striking with hammer’?


If you needed engine building advice, would you ask a man who just had a manicure, or the man who has a bloody thumb?




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  1. A friend of mine was doing some engine work on his VW bug (yes he liked German automobiles unfortunately) and was being assisted by his soon to be Father-in-Law. Short version Future FIL stuck his thumb where it should not have been while the engine was running and got the soft tissue from the end of his thumb chopped off by a fan belt pulley prompting a quick trip to the local ER for repairs. My friend, when finishing that engine work, came upon the missing part of the thumb but it was long past any hope of putting it back on but he did put it in the freezer (future wife threw it out). So it it easy to tell a careless mechanic, just check their fingers for scars and missing parts.

  2. William,
    I regret to say that this rule and I go way back. I learn my lesson but as time passes the ‘impression’ that it makes fades and I find myself ‘learning’ the lesson again. I guess that I am lucky that the refresher courses are very far between!

  3. When I nod my head, you hit it! Famous phrase used when holding a chisel with both hands and a friend swinging the hammer. Careful with the pronouns…and the thumbs.

  4. damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that hurts just looking at it, but been there and done that!! I have also found that beer makes it feel better in this case lots of beers.

  5. The reason for the googles is to prevent the flying bits of bone and flesh from permanently blinding you. ;0)

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