Needed: Core motor close to running.

UPDATE #2: Tomorrow at 6am, Vern and I are driving over to north central Florida to pick up two running Corvair engines for $500. Although we had many very thoughtful offers that I found moving, the best option to stay on the time line was to get an engine here locally. I missed Vern yesterday, but when I mentioned the project to him today, it took him exactly 4 phone calls to find just the right motors at the right price, within 90 miles. More news at the end of the day tomorrow. 


UPDATE: Several people called to generously offer the use of their flight motors. Let me clarify what I am doing. I am going to run a destructive test on the engine. The term “core” doesn’t mean the middle part of a flight motor, I mean core as in the rebuild able unit as removed from a car.


I am going to first put a prop hub and a starter on it, and run it as a base line. Then I am going to set the timing with 8 degrees too much advance on car gas, and I am going to show that it will run for 15 seconds before going into detonation, and when it does the power will decline rapidly. Before it blows, I will stop this. Next, I am going to differential compression test it. Then I am going to drill a 1/16″ hole in 3 cylinders just below the head gasket, and run a differential compression test to show each of these cylinders reduced to 0/80 compression. With the timing set correctly, I am then going to prove that a motor with zero differential compression on half it cylinders will still have plenty of power to fly a plane. when this is done, I am going to set the timing with too much advance, and run the engine that way until it blows. All this will be filmed and documented. This is why I need an old engine out of a car, not a newly rebuilt motor. If someone was planning on using their core for a rebuild, I will replace any part I break or render unusable from my own core parts collection.  


I am going to run a very specific test on the run stand, and I am looking for a regular, stock 95 or 110HP car core engine to do this with. I need the results in a week or so, thus I am asking for help finding a test motor.


All I need is an assembled case, pistons and cylinders, and heads for the test. It doesn’t need to have carbs alternator, nothing else. It will just save me a bunch of time over assembling a greasy core from worn parts to run a 20 minute test on the stand.


I will gladly buy this motor, or if it is a builder core I will come and pick it up, or you can come to my hangar for a day of interesting testing, and then we will tear it down and get it started being processed into any flight engine you would like. Several different options here, the only critical element is I need to move forward this coming week.


If you can help, use the comments section, send me an email to, text 386 451 3676, or call. Glad to listen to any options.



Above, Grace takes apart a core engine at Corvair College #3 at Spruce Creek Florida, 2002.  With her is Gus Warren and Mark Christmann. The engine I need today could be just slightly more assembled than this.





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  1. I have Mark Monson’s core motor, assembled by him (not me), on the floor in my hangar at New Richmond. It is my intention to install it on the nose of the Wagabond project, N4622T.

    You can contact Mark, if necessary, about the build (he did it according to you, forged pistons, machined and hardened crank, etc…). It’s a 2700 cc engine.

    It has no carb, no distributor, and no fifth bearing.

    Problem: I don’t want to give up ownership of it.

    Problem: It’s in Wisconsin, and it’s a ways to Florida.

    I could have it on a truck by Monday morning, Saturday at the earliest, if I work hard.

    Cost to you: zero, other than you’d have to find a carb, exhaust, (5th bearing?), distributor, alternator, etc…

    Call me 24hours/day, if you need me.

    John Schmidt

    Faithful snow shoveler

    St. Paul, MN

    651 373 3779 c


    1. I am in need of a 110hp corvair to use on my airboat
      do you have any ideas where I can buy one that a reasonable price

  2. William Just sent you a text on this. Mine is available as you already know I am selling. Will work with you to make this happen if you want

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