CC #39 Medical Update. 


As of this evening, the builder who fell ill at Corvair College has been successfully transported the 700 miles to his home state. This is good news, as just a few days ago, there was a question if his doctors in Aiken would release him for the trip.


This man has a very long journey back to being healthy which we have been told will be months of hard work with professionals and the support of people who care. A number of people, mostly from his home EAA chapter have spoken to say they will assist in this journey.  This, and the out pouring of support on the fund have been very moving. It restores faith in ideals like “The Brotherhood of Aviation “.



The picture above hangs in the Barnwell airport terminal. It is an original work by a local artist. It is very appropriate that it pictures aviators coming to the rescue of a aviator lost alone at sea.




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  1. Very glad he is home and beginning recovery! I wish I could have done more. I hope to see the person at another Corvair College.

  2. Aviation may have it’s share of problems, challenges, sleazeballs, and chicanery… but I think the bad has always been far offset by the good, such as the way that aviation-minded people (especially personal / recreational / homebuilt aviation types) tend to look out for one another and help each other when things go badly. It is inspiring and reassuring to see folks come together like this to help a brother or sister in need… but in my experience, it is not terribly surprising. Aviation is full of good people. Many prayers have been lifted up and donations of money and time made for a man most of us do not know and may never meet, simply because we know he is one of “ours” and that’s enough to know. As much as all the romantic notions of flying and the freedom and personal growth and fun and so forth mean, this solidarity defines us just as much. May this man heal quickly and someday soon be able to continue playing an active part in the aviation world.

  3. We enjoy flying and airplanes while at the end of the day it is alwas about the people. Glad I could be a part of this.

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