CC #39 review part 1


Corvair College #39, is now consigned to the record books, photo albums and memories of the builders who made the pilgrimage. Here is a first look at pictures of the event. Special thanks to P.F. Beck and the Crew at Barnwell for the eighth College at their airport.



Above, Bob Lester and his Pietenpol from Florida, the longest drisance flown in on Corvair power. He was one of six Corvair powered planes on hand.



Above, the lovely Tracy Sheridan stands with her future Pietenpol power plant. She is displaying a thoughtful hangar warming gift.



Above Lou Cassella, an airline pilot and Pietenpol builder of NJ, with his engine, the first to run at #39.  He is showing how a professional aviator comports himself in a photo.




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  1. A truly great time. I regret this is the first one I have attended. I strongly encourage anyone even considering a Corvair powerplant to attend the next one, which I understand will also be back in Barnwell in November. My most sincere thanks to William Wynne for what is obviously a labor of love. I will be back in November with my Sonex/Corvex/Cleanex, etc.

  2. A HUGE Thank You to all the people of Barnwell County Airport – P.F, Don, Reese, Cal, Tim, for everything you did to put on the best Barnwell college I have been to, and I have been to them all. Special thanks to SPA experts Paul and Patrick and attendee Chris Pryce who made our time at Barnwell so marvelous. The problems we faced were overcome so quickly could only have been possible at a Corvair College with YOUR help. Thanks WW for having these.

  3. Wow, that has to be the most extreme example I’ve seen yet of digital camera blade warping!

  4. What a great learning experience!! This was my first CC, but it won’t be my last. I was able to get my case closed around the crank and cam, as well as get a fifth bearing installed. Mission accomplished! Many thanks to PFBeck and the Barnwell crew for hosting. Couldn’t have been better. Thanks also to William W, Dan W, Patrick, Paul S, Ed Lee and many others for the lessons, encouragement, and assembly assistance. I will be back in November with hopes of joining the ranks of those with running engines. Thanks, again!!

  5. This was my second Corvair College but my first time there working on my own motor. For me, CC#39 could NOT have been better. Getting all the great help and direction provided by such people as William, Dan, Patrick, and others was wonderful, and having along with that the opportunity to lend others a helping hand here and there just made for a great experience all the way around. It was a real privilege getting to be there and take part as I did, and I hope very much to be back in November.

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