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14 months ago, I wrote this story about a dual electronic ignition system that I was working on: Ignition part #3301-DFI, a new optional system. Past of today was spent running a further refined version on the test stand. This is a good illustration of how thoroughly new ideas are tested long before any customer ever flies one. Every bit of the testing has been positive, but yet, and the end of the day, Dan Weseman and I spent some time staring at it trying to figure out in what obscure set of circumstance it might be tormented into not working. Any supplier who doesn’t have this basic out look at his own products and efforts, a person who thinks he can’t make a mistake, is someone you shouldn’t trust around airplanes. Your safety isn’t a poker chip to be played by some ego who can’t picture being wrong. Guinea pigs cost $20 at a pet shop, and that is what a person who releases things that were not tested looking for how they might fail, thinks your life is worth. Having the correct attitude is what I was getting at with this story: Competing for 2nd place.



On the left, the 2015 prototype system, on the right, The updated 2017 version. It has revised timing internally, the trigger wheel is a different shape, it used the modern production Fast modules, and they are recessed in the plate to allow better mounting for the full height of the rotor.  The development was all drawn into CAD by Dan, and the revised parts were made in house at the SPA/Panther factory. The revisions were evolutions from testing, primarily extensive professional Dyno runs on 3.0 and 3.3 engines done last year, which also provided the data for this: Critical Understanding #5, Knowing “+ROC/5” Rate of Climb on Five cylinders. This type of integrated design, testing, dyno runs and flights, through several revisions, all with the right attitude, is what sets our work apart from people who express pet theories on the net based on limited experience, and slanting information to support a pre chosen conclusion. Read what you like, take your pick, follow the opinions of whom ever you like, just understand what your wager is.




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  1. When will the testing on the dual electronic ignition be at a point where they will be available for purchase?

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