2017 is my 28th year building Corvair engines for planes, and for about 18 years of that time, our lives have been blessed by common internet use, which suddenly gave every person with a keyboard and a made up name an equal sized soap box, from which they could pass judgement on every guy who had been out there building aircraft parts.


Timing is everything in history: In 1,000 AD, if you had zero ability to suffer fools, this was a distinct asset in being a Viking, it was respected. Since Al Gore invented the internet, the tables have turned, and now the same quality of intolerance of imbecility makes you a bad guy, and sends the trolls on the net running to their “Safe Zones” where no one has to use a real name . They will claim you didn’t respect their “trigger warning” because you asked for the N-number of the plane they allegedly based their negative observation on.  Yes, I am directly saying most aviation internet discussion groups are as far from the Sterling Hayden – Philosophy honor roll as an modern dance major at a liberal arts college. 


For the last 15 years internet trolls have stuck to four points about my work:


“William Wynne doesn’t return calls or emails or answer questions.”

Sorry, in the last year I have geared up and run an incredible machine of factual information to counter all the old wives tales and internet BS. I even answered the very last tech question I had in my inbox yesterday.  Read: Outlook 2016 – The Corvair ‘Information Network’ now in gear.

“William Wynne Made fun of my Prius and the fact I like driving it to Starbucks”

OK, guilty as charged:Thought for the Day: Corporate “Ethics” , but in my defense, I am friends with Phil Maxson, and he drives a Prius, proving I have tolerance for “those People.”

“William Wynne is a long haired hippy and isn’t always “Disneyland nice” 

I don’t have long hair anymore, and if I’m a hippy, I have to be the only one in history with a shooting range, a firearm collection and a lifetime hatred of VW’s: Thought for the Day – Corporate trust? Oh, and isn’t it ironic that this happened to an asshole: EAA Major Achievement Award.

“William Wynne’s parts are on back order and hard to get”

Well get ready for hell to freeze over, because I have a ton of parts on the shelf, since we put this program together 11 months ago: Outlook 2016, New order page and distribution method. Having SPA/Panther, take care of the distribution of our stuff is the best decision I have made in a decade. Some sample results:

Zero back ordered Motor Mounts.  That’s right, I have not owed one to any builder for months, we have many models on the shelf, right now.

Part #3901-A Zenith/Bearhawk Stainless Exhausts, now on shelf. The last time I looked, we have 11 of these on the shelf boxed and ready to go. About a week ago an Internet

New Front Spinner Bulkhead  An example of a traditionally back ordered part that we have readly available because of a complete redesign to make them easier to keep in stock.

#4201-C Pietenpol Motor mounts, now on the shelf, ready for shipping. This was a part that once had a 9 month back order, but that is long in the past.

Parts Production improvements- #4201 Motor Mounts We have about 5 of these in stock today, and we have had inventory on hand for the last 8 months.


My next post is going to be a schedule of events for 2017. We will have a lot going on, the first college is just 8 weeks away. Want to make this year different? Take advantage of the fact that in 2016, with the help of good friends, I completely re-invented our business and traveled around the country to prove it: Back in Florida after 7,380 miles on tour. We are now in an excellent position to serve a great number of builders. To take advantage of this, all you need to do is, not listen to internet myths from trolls, call up and get going on parts, and understand The Value of “Showing up” .


Call Rachel at the SPA/Panther parts order hot line: 904 626 7777.




Above ScoobE with Zenith mounts on our back porch.




9 Replies to “PARTS!”

  1. William, Thanks for putting a smile on face this cold but wonderful Friday with morning in th desert!


    1. Kevin, I thought that the move to Tyler was several years down the road…after Shelley’s son was thru college or at least well into it. At least I won’t have to herd my RV thru Austin again. See you in the fall.


    1. David, it’s nothing rational, they are just machines, but I detest how simple it was for marketing people to paint beetles bright colors and have people forget this product was the brain child of Nazis and slave labor. I view anyone who would wear an SS uniform today and deny the existence of Treblinka as sick, and to be saying Beetles have always been about love and peace is a lesser version of the same concept. This marketing continues today with many VW owners denying their favorite brand conspired in a giant environmental crime, and thereby supporting the company getting away with it. I own an AR-15, it is a machine, but I don’t deny it’s origins were with the intention of killing people, but I can differentiate that Eugene Stoner wasn’t a Nazi like Ferdinand Porsche, and the early ARs were not built by slaves. Just my opinion, only important to me, people should drive whatever they like and forget about my biases-ww.

      1. William,

        Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that you hate VW the company (but not the cars) and I couldn’t disagree with that sentiment. But you have written of your admiration of Charles Lindbergh; a great aviator to be sure but also an overt anti-Semite. And how do you feel about Wernher Von Braun? What he contributed to this country is undeniable, yet he was a member of the Nazi party, a true believer who readily employed slave labor to help build his rockets. Where do you draw the line on mixed-bags like these two men? I’m Jewish and I struggle with my feelings towards them. I guess I take the easy way out by compartmentalization-I admire the good, abhor the bad, but make no ultimate judgment on either. Anyway, I’m a big fan of the original Beetle and, please forgive me if I’m wrong, I suspect you might be too.

  2. Some people you couldn’t make happy if you hung them with a brand new rope, I call them E- thugs, cause let’s face it talking shit face to face is just DANGEROUS. Barnwell here we come!! Dan-0

  3. Hey William! Lighten up . Don’t forget my motorcycle is a VW. Your friend Bob Lester

  4. You’ve done a FANTASTIC job of taking your business and service to an exponential level just in the short time I’ve known about you and been a ‘looker-on’ follower. All that notwithstanding, all that’s left is for you to start laughing at the naysayers….I mean until your gut aches! They have absolutely nothing on you and don’t deserve the recognition you have given them. Stop paying any attention to toxic people…it’s exactly what they want and what powers and generates all their bovine bowel product. Life is supposed to be about fun and beauty…if you have to blow up a couple snakes along the way, so be it…but laugh…Casey Affleck would. {;^)

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