19 more spaces for CC#39, Barnwell SC, March 2017.


Here is important news: We have just revised the capacity for Corvair College#39, and we have 19 builders spaces open. If you were thinking of signing up for this event, do so now, as there will be no further revisions, and I believe these space will fill up in a few days.

Corvair College #39 at Barnwell SC was scheduled for November 2016, but we revised the date to March 10-12th, 2017.  All other things about the event, the location, quality, facility and traditional welcome, will all remain the same. We have previously had 7 outstanding Colleges at Barnwell, and P.F. Beck and crew have set the gold standard for hosting Colleges. Myself and the Wesemans, plus a lot of experienced builders and characters will be on hand to provide progress, learning and fun, all in one setting.


If you have not accomplished all you hoped for in 2016, then make the choice right now that 2017 will be different. you can start the year off right by signing up for #39, and using the next 95 days doing the prep work to get the most out of the event. If you need a core motor, parts or are interested in a complete “engine in a box” call Rachel at the SPA/Panther parts and engine hot line: 904-626-7777 (extension #1) to make a plan for progress in 2017.


Below is the sign up link for CC#39. Don’t wait too long, once the College sign up is full, we will have no further spaces to squeeze anyone in. Barnwell will likely be the last full college until September 2017.







Above, Bob Lester’s Corvair powered Pietenpol sits on the ramp at Barnwell at sunset on Saturday night at Corvair College #31.


There are many links to Corvair College stories here: Corvair College reference page.

For a look at the 2015 Barnwell College, check this out: Corvair College #35 Barnwell builders video.

For a look at the EAA film about the 2013 Barnwell College, click here: New EAA video on Corvair College#27, Barnwell 2013.


Thank you, William Wynne.

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9 Replies to “19 more spaces for CC#39, Barnwell SC, March 2017.”

  1. Dan, I’m coning again and I request that you do NOT bring a shovel! Besides I said 6 feet of dirt and Barnwell only has sand.

  2. I have plans to stop in on Saturday in the Cleanex if that’s OK. For those that haven’t seen it here is a video I shot at Barnwell two years ago:

  3. William, I am planning to build Corvair, but am hoping to source my own core (not done yet). Is the college something I can go to as an observer just to learn? I definitely don’t want to get in the way and be any kind of hinderance to someone making progress.

    1. Kevin, Sorry, but the event is full, the limit on people is set by a number of factors, the least flexible of which is the fire code capacity of the main hangar. Get allok at the post I put up two weeks ago on 2017 events, it has the oter collgs listed. Thanks, William.

      1. Not a problem. I missed that post. My best bet would be to schedule a trip to Oshkosh this year, then perhaps the Barnwell college in Nov.


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