Election night in Florida 

Watching the election returns at rural Florida bar;


Ugly crowd locked in a heated argument, too close to call; 


Clinton vs Trump? …Who cares.


The vital argument is Megyn Kelly vs Dana Perinio. It’s ugly and partisan, and likely to be ‘debated’ in the parking lot at last call.





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    1. Kevin, smart people agreed with you, mostly because the pro-Megyn party in the parking lot was lead by my neighbor Alex, and he benches 400 pounds.

  1. isn’t America great! where you have the right to believe and choose as you desire.( as long as you agree with me ) other wise I’m gonna whup you when we get outside LOL

  2. I just went out to eat, briefly checked the preliminary results, and shut my confuser off (except for reading my emails and your post). I’m going to spend my evening either watching a movie or reading Flyboys. The book gives a very comprehensive history of the U.S. and Japanese involvement in the Pacific before WWII, as well as telling the story of the American fliers captured by the Japanese, held on Chi Chi Jima, and ultimately executed there.

    If George Bush hadn’t been picked up by one of our submarines that sailed close to the island, he would have been another victim.

  3. I don’t watch TV…life is much more peaceful. Instead, we watched a 1947 movie, ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement”. Gregory Peck et al – highly recommended. No movie corp of today has the cajones to do it like this anymore.

    As far as politics and opinions? I quote Lester Sumerall and Arthur Schopenhauer: “Other peoples’ heads is no place for my happiness”. No matter who is in, at least if and until a ‘Kristalnacht’ is visited upon your specific ethnic origin or ontology, choose to keep the faith, love people, forgive others thereby taking responsibility for your own happiness, and enjoy life. It’s pretty bitchin’, ya know?

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