Deland Sport Aviation Showcase – Today November 5th


I was down at in Deland Florida today, for the Sport Aviation Showcase today as the key speaker of the day. Many Corvair people are there, and the activity is centered around the SPA/Panther  booth.  If you are within striking distance, make a travel plan, as we will all be there again through the full day. Read more here:



Above, I am speaking in the main showcase tent on the afternoon of the 4th. Jana Philip and her crew have done an awesome job to prepare this inaugural event in Deland. There are planes and parts on display from more than 100 different aviation companies. Come down and get a first hand look. The day was filled with demo flights and reps from most of the popular homebuilding companies, all in a relaxed setting. Don’t miss the 5th, the main day of the Showcase.





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  1. William both myself and my wife enjoyed meeting you and listening to you talk about homebuilt aviation. Your passion in very inspirational and motivating. Thanks for spending time with us Scott and Angela

  2. I just wanted to say congratulations. I saw you made it to the November issue of Sport Aviation and received an award. Looking forward to seeing you and the Corvair gang in March and hopefully running my engine successfully.


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