Ford Man and ‘Old Hairy Guy’ deploy to Zenith 


Dan Weseman and I depart tonight for the 25th annual open house in Mexico Mo. This Friday and Saturday. 



For a better understanding of the title of this story, type ‘ford man’ in the search block on the upper right of this page.

The game plan is to hit Duncan Donuts on the way out of town and each buy a dozen donuts and a one gallon ‘Box o’ Joe.’ We should be across the Mississippi by 4 pm tomorrow. Looking forward to having a great time at the open house. 

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  1. Congrats William! Could not happen a finer caring person. Also remember you have fine woman behind you. I will be building a 3000cc Covair engine for my Zenair ch750 Cruzer! I live in Manitoba Canada, lots of lakes and rivers. It will be mounted on AMphib floats a great combination with the Corvair engine. Now that you have been finally recognized for your work on home built aircraft engines I’m looking forward to the future of this fine sweet engine package!
    Ron Leclerc
    Ch750 CruZer
    Covair 3000cc
    Amphib floats
    Great stuff

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