On the border…..

Timely call from AZ resident Larry Nelson    reminded me that tourists can win an extended stay at a state facility from California for entering with firearms and ammunition in the same container, even if they are in a locked toolbox, in a locked trailer. Thus a pitstop to repack while still in AZ.



I feel safer knowing that drug dealers, murders, gangs and terrorists in California are also complying with this law.




Note, this is intended as humor and to show I follow the law, even if I am yet to see the logic of it.


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  1. Here in Texas, where you just where, they require that the firearm and ammo be in the same container… preferably with some of the ammo IN the firearm.

    Note, this is intended as humor… but just barely! 🙂

    Dave Covert

  2. Yeah…..I am preparing for a trip out there in mid-May. Building a strong box for my rifles, and bought a Triton gun safe for the pistol, with separate small safe for the ammo. Not cheap, but better than going to jail. Mounting the lock box for the rifles to the side of my truck bed under a topper, with an ammo box bolted to the bed floor on the opposite side modified to lock. Wish I could just bypass CA on the trip but I can’t, and want to do some shooting and gun mods with friends in AZ on the way back.

    Just such a comfort knowing that I am VERY safe from all the law abiding citizens by strong arm government intervention, and how diligent the criminal populace will be in adhering to the law! Even though I have the firearms with me, I couldn’t defend myself in a timely basis.

    M. Haught

    1. Hey Rob, no campaigning here! Looking at all the candidates, I would feel better about throwing a dart at a wall map of the US, and picking a US born registered voter at random off the street of that town as our next president. -ww.

  3. Logic! There in no logic, I’m in lower Alabama right now and mine is loaded and ready, just saying, dan-o

  4. The saddest thing about this blog is that it required a note to explain that the above was sarcasm.

    1. Jim,

      There are many sad things about my blog, starting with spelling and grammar. I used to think of myself as some kind of writer who could communicate in words well enough that I never needed to explain when I was kidding, but time proved to me that I had overestimated my ability to express things clearly. To compensate, I now try to let people know when I am kidding, because most people don’t get my humor, which is fair enough, because most days it doesn’t entertain me either. Off to go work in Steve’s hangar to see if tools put a better mood on the day than typing. -ww.

      1. “… but time proved to me that I had overestimated my ability to express things clearly”, with that level of tactfulness I’m surprised that you haven’t been recruited into the diplomatic service. 🙂

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