Arrival at Chino

1400 miles from CC 36 Austin, truck trailer and tools are now at Chino for CC 37.  Note planes of fame B-17 in background.



Apologies to California for previous post about seppetation of guns and ammo, I now understand that it is to keep people from rural states, like me, from shooting ourselves after sitting in a 40 mile, middle of the day traffic jam, which local drivers didn’t seem to even notice.




4 Replies to “Arrival at Chino”

  1. Only 40 miles? Normally we do better than that. You got from Palm Springs to Chino in less than a day? Must be winter.

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re back in California.
    I’d like to drop by during CC #37 to say hi.
    Best wishes.

  3. Every time we head out to Cali I just review one of the races at Talladega to get ready for close quarters traffic……………………enjoy the run out west William.

    Harold and Edi

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