A dozen Gen II Crankshafts available shortly


I spoke with Dan and Rachel Weseman today, and they told me the next round of crankshafts and 5th bearings they are processing is nearing completion. This not only includes every GM crank builders have on order, but they also have 12 additional cranks they put through the process. These are available for any builder who wants to make immediate progress. I bring this up here because I am less than 30 days from starting our 10,000 mile odyssey: College and western tour update #2 , and these cranks can be directly put into engines of builders at the three Colleges or even at one of the night school stops or house calls I will make.


Builders considering this can directly read the link to the SPA crankshaft page:



If it is something  you want to put in gear or even have questions on, contact Dan and Rachel directly at these links:

Customer Service – sales@flywithspa.com

Technical Support – support@flywithspa.com 

Phone:  904.626.7777

With the upcoming 3 colleges these 12 cranks may move fast, if your plan is progress, contact them asap.


For a review of the parts and components that go into a current Corvair engine build, we have a ‘reference page’ where all of the links are gathered:

Sources Reference Page


Note to builders attending events on the tour: We will specifically mention this to those signed up for colleges, But I highly encourage any builder planning on making physical progress at the Colleges or one of the stops to order their parts now, in advance. At many colleges we have lots of parts on hand, however, this tour will bring three Colleges in rapid succession, and it is logistically impossible to bring all the parts for builders and all the tools, in a trailer with a 4,500 payload. We have to mail things to builders in advance, plus this gives builders several weeks to familiarize themselves with the parts before heading to the college. Additionally, builders heading to later events like CC #37 and CC #38 should not count on me having parts available, as the on hand supply will be low or out by the later tour dates.


Planning ahead, and acting on that plan is what insures that you get the maximum out of attending the Colleges. I love the west coast, but keep in mind the reality of the scale of our business and our family commitments suggest that it will be more than a year before I can execute another western tour on this scale. Plan, and act, make this one count for you. 


Above is a close up of a Gen II Weseman bearing journal on a re worked GM crank. The Gen II arrangement comes already installed on the crank, match ground in place.



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  1. Ray,
    ‘matched’ here means that after the 5th bearing shells themselves are installed in each of Dan’s CNC billet aluminum housings, they are each measured. There are slight variations in the installed bore sizes (as there are in all production bearing sets when they are installed) and then this number is used to grind the steel 5th bearing journal that is on the crank, so they end up with the exact clearance that Dan wants ( about .0022-.0025″) for each assembly. The parts are serial numbered and Dan has the records, so if anyone wanted to change a bearing set in 10 years he would know what you started with.

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