2016 Corvair College sign ups open soon


I have been speaking with Shelley Tumino, and we are going to have the on line sign up for the 2016 Corvair Colleges open on 1/10/16. We will post the info on this website that day.


In addition to co-hosting 4 colleges and being awarded The Cherry Grove Trophy, Shelley has also run the on-line sign up for many Colleges. She has offered to cover this same task for the 2016 season.  She made a good case that we should have a dedicated, year round, web location for this, as we had previously run the sign up through a site we rented by the month. Having our own site will actually lower the overhead cost of this, while having longer sign up periods. If that explanation wasn’t clear, try this one “Things will be smoother in 2016 because Shelley is in charge” 


I have done some work to update many of the links on the main college page. When you look all the way down, it has many linked stories on how to get the most out of colleges. Get a coffee and give it a long look:

Corvair College reference page






From our Oshkosh 2015 coverage: “Above, Shelley Tumino, Co-host of Corvair Colleges #22, 25 and 32, stands in front of the tear drop trailer she hand crafted at Brodhead.  Nearly everything in the picture was packed into the trailer for the trip from Texas. The woman is seriously into organization, logistics and deployment. Shelley had a long career in the Armed Forces.  Shelley takes having fun and camping more seriously than some countries take mobilizing for conflicts.”



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  1. Well, I know there’s about 5 hours left in 1/10/16 here in Mtn Time. Where is that sign up for Chino???????????????????????????????????????????? {;^)

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